Themes from VBS Past

Here's a walk down memory lane for all you veteran VBS directors out there. How many of these do you remember? Here we are attempting to put together a list of as many of the past VBS programs we can remember.  This is just a start. We're still missing the Group programs from the 1990's Can you help us add to the list of past VBS programs? Lifeway VBS Themes 1988: Living for Jesus 1989: Let's Gather for Vacation Bible School 1990: Share Hope 1991: Celebrate Jesus 1992: Fantastic Journey 1993: Summer Shine 1994: Trail of Treasures 1995: Windows on the World 1996: Go For the Gold 1997: Good News Stampede 1998: StarQuest 1999: Mt. Extreme 2000: Ocean Odyssey 2001: Truth Trackers 2002: Amazon Outfitters 2003: The Great Kingdom Caper 2004: Rickshaw Rally 2005: Ramblin' Road Trip 2006: Arctic Edge 2007: Game Day Central 2008: Outrigger Island 2009: Boomerang Express 2010: Saddle Ridge… Read more »

Thanks VBS Shirts

My dealings with your VBS T-Shirts for the last two years has been an absolute "10".  To think I found your company purely by accident when my previous tee shirt person did not come through for our Church.  I did a Google search, up popped your website, and the rest as they say is history.  EVERYONE involved in VBS at our Parish including clergy, staff, parents and the kids have marveled at the beautiful shirts we have had for the last two summers.  I even had parents who weren't involved in VBS want a tee for themselves because they loved the designs so much.  You give your customers so much personal attention, willingness to work with original ideas, and the most prompt service I have… Read more »

The VBS T-Shirt Guide

When it comes to T-Shirts for VBS what works good for you? Do you charge for them or give them away when people register? Do they pre-order or do you order a bunch of shirts ahead of time?  What about the leftovers?  Guessing VBS quantities can be tricky especially if this is the first time you have ever ordered shirts.  It would be great if you knew ahead of time how many kids were going to show up, how many staff were going to be needed, who needed a shirt and what size they wore, but this craziness that we call VBS rarely makes it this easy on us. We hope this vbs t-shirt guide will help. Make an educated guess about the total kids and staff you need to outfit..… Read more »

Day or Night VBS

Are you planning a Day or Night VBS this year?  Are you having your VBS during the day or in the evening this year?  There seems to be lots of opinions but it would like to here from you regarding the pros and cons, and why you do VBS in the day or night? Any help and advice you can share would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance! Daytime VBS works best - we tried an evening VBS last year but the kids were exhausted at the end of the day and it was difficult to inspire them. Also, attendance was significantly lower. Mornings seem to work best as children are awake and haven't spent the day working on other activities. Read more »

New 2010 VBS T-Shirt Designs

We're working like crazy on new designs for 2010 vbs T-Shirts.  I have already uploaded some of the High Seas stuff we have been working on and I'm very excited.  Don't worry, I'm not done yet and will be uploading tons of new designs over the next month to six weeks! Read more »

2010 VBS Themes

2010 VBS Themes Group VBS -  High Seas Expedition is a sailing adventure theme, Check out Group's Website LifewayVBS -  Saddle Ridge Ranch is a cowboy theme, Check out the official Lifeway Website Cokesbury VBS - Galactic Blast is a space theme with added "green" earth elements, Check out the officialCokesbury Website Gospel Light - Sonquest Rainforest is a Jungle Theme, check out the official Gospel Light Website Standard Publishing - Hero Headquarters is a bible superhero theme, check out the official David C. Cook - we are still waiting on their 2010 theme....  What's the deal David! Read more »

Custom Church T-Shirts

For the past 3 years we have been building a design library specifically for Custom Church T-Shirts  and youth groups. is finally ready for public consumption!  We are so happy to finally have ready to serve your ministry with free design for your church. Now we have specific designs created just for your Mission Trip, Youth Group Designs, Women's Ministry Designs, Men's Ministry Designs, Children's Ministry and more. Call us today and our friendly design team will gladly create the perfect design for your next church event.  Our goal is to have 500 design templates by the end of the year!  So we will be adding designs daily! Read more »

Vacation Bible School Feedback

We are looking for your Vacation Bible School Feedback so we can make next year better than ever. Your constructive feedback as to what you would like to see added or changed about vbsTshirts to make it better. We are working on new designs for next year and making improvements to the site.  You may notice changes already taking place.  If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you!  We are also working on creating a new website just for Churches.... is still under construction, but take a look to see the progress! Here are suggestions that have already been added: Available color swatches for each design, what colors do these shirts come in? Turn around time posted and easy to find (it's 3-5 days for… Read more »

What If I Need More VBS Shirts Later

What If I Need More VBS Shirts Later If I can save one VBS director from this mistake, then I have done my work here. Many times people order exactly what they need for their vbs, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment. Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!!  ...and that is where the trouble begins. Here is why... It costs us about $100.00 in Labor to set up the press for an average order. That's only about 75¢ per shirt when you are printing 150 shirts, but its over $16.00 per shirt when we are printing just 6 shirts!  So your $5.00 shirt just went to $21.00! That's a budget buster!!! The moral of the story is this.....  Make… Read more »