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Orange VBS’s 2018 theme is “AMPED – Live Fully Alive!” Based on John 10:10, this extreme sports themed VBS calls kids into the abundant life found in Jesus. Expect lots of cool surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding videos to illustrate the radical freedom found in a life lived to the full. The daily lessons invite students to “live like” some of the great heroes of the faith (Joseph, Esther, Jesus, the Early Church, and Paul).

Live Fully Alive!


BIBLE POINT: Why did Jesus come to earth? So that we could have life – life lived to the full! (John 10:10) All week long, your Vacation Bible School kids will go big with the message that God wants them to live lives that are fully alive in Jesus! On Day 1, they’ll hear about Joseph who lived life knowing God was with him. Day 2 tells the story of Esther and how she lived life knowing God had a plan for her. Then on Day 3, your kids will learn to live like Jesus is alive after hearing how he died, rose, and lives forever. The story of the early church is the focus of Day 4 as your kids are encouraged to live like other people matter. And on Day 5, they’ll hear how the Apostle Paul lived life like he was part of a bigger story. Each day of Bible content will amp your kids up as they live each new day FULLY ALIVE!

“I wanna live for you in everything I do cause I-I-I-I wanna live fully alive!”

WORSHIP SONGS: From the first electronic organ sound to the very last beat drop of the Amped VBS music, you can tell that Orange VBS isn’t fooling around. They created a musical backdrop that fits flawlessly with their neon visuals and extreme sports theme. And the message is consistent too. Fully Alive is the big electronic theme song that will have your kids bouncing, bobbing, and fist pumping all week long. You’ll feel like a rocker with At the Top of My Lungs shouting that God is the reason, “that I lift my voice!” The playlist closes with the 80s-inspired We Are One which definitely sounds a little like Alphaville’s Forever Young. It’s a great hand-raiser and arm-waver. Your kids will love repeating “we are we are we are one” in unison affirming that Jesus is the tie that binds us all together.

“He wants us to live our lives FULLY ALIVE because we can believe that what He says is TRUE!”

EXTRAS: We always look forward to the exciting extras offered by Orange VBS to build upon the theme and the message. We’ll share our favorites as soon as we get a look at the full package.


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