Whooosh VBS 2019 Review


God has done amazing things for His people! This year with Whooosh VBS, Abingdon Press celebrates how God has been faithful and monuments have been built to remember. Each day focuses on a Bible story in which God has come to the rescue, and the people remembered. Kids will ride on “Spirit-powered Bicycles” to visit monuments around the country representing God’s protection and provision throughout Black history. Pick-up games, shows and interactive art will help your VBS kids experience the love and power of our God.


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BIBLE POINT: Theme verse Hebrews 11:8 highlights Whooosh’s theme perfectly: “He went out without knowing where he was going,” just like we can when we know our lives are in God’s hands! Through obedience and trust, we can have peace while God takes us exactly where he intends.


God Faithful Today and Yesterday


First on Day 1, whooosh in to Genesis, where Jacob set a stone to remember where he met God in a dream. Hop on your bike to the National Museum of African American History and Culture to see honored black veterans of the Civil War. On Day 2,  see the stone memorial for the parting of waters at the Jordan river and deliverance to the Promised Land. Then visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to celebrate escape from slavery. After, sing a new song on Day 3, where a psalmist encourages the creation of new music to worship God. Keep the music going at the American Jazz Museum with Mary Lou Williams.


Next, the veil is torn! On Day 4, Jesus declares that the house of prayer is for everyone. Touch down at Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a thriving business community. At last, Day 5 shows us that WE are living monuments of our Father in heaven. Your last visit is to Colonel Allensworth State Historical Park, founded to aid black people inn living free of discrimination.


Each day there’s a “Whooosh Word” to help your VBS kids remember the lesson they learned. For example, on Day 2, the Whooosh Word ‘great’ refers to God’s great rescue of the Israelites when they crossed the Jordan River.



“My God is awesome! Heals me when I’m broken, strong where I’ve been weakened.”


MUSIC: When it comes to matching the message, Whooosh’s music is right on key. With a cool mix of choir, R&B, rap and trap, your week’s worship is bound to satisfy every ear. First, By Faith, the theme song shows that everything from loving to talking to moving must be done by faith. Bluesy R&B gains a peaceful tune in Promise Land Medley, which reminds us that God always does what he says. Next, Praise Him, a song straight from Psalm 149, corresponds perfectly with Day 3.

Rebuild is a trap hit in-the-making about God’s protection even when the world hates us. After is Christ Is the Cornerstone, which celebrates our value in God’s eyes. We change gears with piano ballad Prayer for a Place, a plea for peace only He can give. Get your jig on for your closing song, I’m Gonna Live So, a jazzy celebration song reminding us to love holy lives so God can use us.



EXTRAS: Pack your travel pack and get ready to cycle! Check out Whooosh’s extras to bring VBS to life and send the message home when it’s all over.


BY FAITH COMPASS: By faith, Abraham traveled through unknown land. The By Faith Compass can go in the “travel packet” craft on Day 1, and serve as a reminder of God’s guidance after VBS.


CHURCH KIDS COMIC BOOK: Give your kids the stories they learned at your awesome VBS. The comic book shows kids visiting five great places and learning the significance of each.


Whooosh is full of fun, budget-friendly games and crafts, achievable for any church.


Pre-Order Whooosh VBS by Abingdon Press HERE.



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