Ready for Adventure? Climb aboard Bogard Press’ 2018 VBS theme, “Jungle River Adventure – Ride the Current to God’s Perfect Plan.” Some pretty adorable characters meet you on your way (a tree frog, macaw, hippo, crocodile, and giraffe) to help your kids remember to trust, obey, serve, share, and follow God. We were just talking about the lack of jungle themes lately and now we’re looking forward to designing some adventurous t-shirts hung with vines, criss crossed by rivers, and dark with mystery.


Ride the Current to God’s Perfect Plan!

BIBLE POINT: As your kids paddle down the murky green waters through the dense jungle, they’ll encounter many friends who help them learn about the Apostle Paul and his journey of seeking God’s perfect plan. On Day 1, Frida the tree frog learns to Trust and believe in Jesus like Paul did after his encounter on the Damascus road. Patrick the parrot squawks on Day 2 to tell us how Paul obeyed and was baptized. Meet a sweet smiling hippo named Heidi on Day 3 and hear about Paul’s call to serv. Carlos the grinning crocodile tells you all about it on Day 4 as Paul shares the good news with everyone. Finally a talented and gleeful giraffe named Gigi shows unshakeable faith as she follows Paul’s lead by following Jesus for all time.

“Let Me Tell You!”

TRUE TO THE WORD: Jungle River Adventure is produced by Bogard Press, the publishing arm of the American Baptist Association. For those of us who grew up memorizing Bible verses from the King James Version, you’ll feel right at home. Bogard Press’ VBS curriculum appears to be the only publisher using the King James Version only this year. Their motto is their promise to remain “always true to the Word.”
PRO-TIP: Take care to prepare your teachers and volunteers for sharing the Bible stories by studying close the life and influence of the Apostle Paul. Your daily lessons, memory verses, and activities revolve around his story as a model for all Christians to mirror. Think about it. Paul’s salvation, baptism, call to service, his witness, and his lifelong commitment to following Christ is something we all need to be reminded about – young or old!
SNACKS: Here at VBS T-Shirts, we’re a bunch of artsy, designer types who sit in front of computers all day and eat. That qualifies us as Snack Experts! So when we saw the safari-themed snacks created for Jungle River Adventure VBS, we almost fell out of the boat. Each snack is both clever and hilariously cute. Three of them hint at something lurking beneath the jungle water. Gross them out with “Frog Eggs in the River.” Grin big at the “Hippopotamus at the Watering Hole” donut, and step back from the pudding-puddle when you see the eyes looking back at you from the “Crocodile Pie.” All so fun and tasty, your kids won’t leave this jungle hungry – or without blue teeth! 

“Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves!”

EXTRAS: Every year Bogard Press offers a ton of fun extras to help drive theme and message home. We’ll share what we find with you here as soon as we have it!

  • Salvation Tract – Equip your workers to walk kids through the salvation plan and lead them to a decision to trust in Jesus. This simple tract uses supporting scripture to help your workers explain the good news and lead kids to Christ.
  • New Testament – VBS is all about God’s Word, so it’s great to see such an affordable New Testament that every kid could go home with their own. Themed to match the VBS artwork and packed with great follow up info, kids will take the Bible home and share the good news all year long.
  • Adventure Duffle Bag – We’re big fans of all the cool gear that each new VBS brings. This classic adventurers’ duffle will equip you long after VBS ends, and remind you of the fun you had last Summer!

Purchase or pre-order your copy of Jungle River Adventure from Bogard Press HERE.


Welcome To The Jungle: Choose a favorite below and request a free digital mockup of your 2018 VBS t-shirts today and start getting your fellow explorers excited for next Summer’s adventure!