Themes from VBS Past

Here’s a walk down memory lane for all you veteran VBS directors out there. How many of these do you remember? Here we are attempting to put together a list of as many of the past VBS programs we can remember.  This is just a start. We’re still missing the Group programs from the 1990’s

Can you help us add to the list of past VBS programs?

Lifeway VBS Themes

1988: Living for Jesus
1989: Let’s Gather for Vacation Bible School
1990: Share Hope
1991: Celebrate Jesus
1992: Fantastic Journey
1993: Summer Shine
1994: Trail of Treasures
1995: Windows on the World
1996: Go For the Gold
1997: Good News Stampede
1998: StarQuest
1999: Mt. Extreme
2000: Ocean Odyssey
2001: Truth Trackers
2002: Amazon Outfitters
2003: The Great Kingdom Caper
2004: Rickshaw Rally
2005: Ramblin’ Road Trip

2006: Arctic Edge
2007: Game Day Central
2008: Outrigger Island
2009: Boomerang Express
2010: Saddle Ridge Ranch
2011: Big Apple Adventure
2012: Amazing Wonders
2013: Colossal Coaster World
2014: Agency D3
2016: Submerged
2018: Game On!

Group Publishing VBS Themes

1996: Vacation Bible Ship
1997: Wild Frontier
1998: Space Mission Bible Camp
1999: Treasure Hunt Bible Adventure
2000: HolyWord Studios
2001: Polar Expedition
2002: Bug Safari
2003: SCUBA
2004: Lava Lava Island
2005: Serengeti Trek, Jerusalem Marketplace
2006: Fiesta, Bethlehem Village
2007: Avalanche Ranch, Galilee By the Sea
2008: Power Lab, Jerusalem Marketplace
2009: Crocodile Dock, Rome

2010: High Seas Expedition, Egypt
2011: PandaMania, Hometown Nazareth
2012: Sky, Babylon
2013: Kingdom Rock, Athens, Hayday
2014: Weird Animals – Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind, Wilderness Escape – Where God Guides & Provides, Blast Off – Launching Kids on a Mission of God’s Love
2015: Everest – Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power, Cross Culture VBS – Thailand Trek, Outback Rock – Where Kids Venture Into Solid Faith, Hometown Nazareth – Where Jesus was a Kid
2016: Cave Quest – Following Jesus, the Light of the World, Egypt – Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace, Cross Culture VBS – Expedition Norway, Pets Unleashed – Where Jesus Cares ‘Fur’ You

Other VBS Publishers

We first started this list with the intention of only recording LifeWay and Group themes, but the response has been overwhelming. Thanks to our super smart customers and friends, we’re gonna start our list of other VBS themes from all the publishers we can find. Comment below to add your memories and favorites to this ultimate list of VBS themes from years gone by.

Cokesbury VBS Themes
2013: Everywhere Fun Fair – Where God’s World Comes Together
2014: Workshop of Wonders – Imagine & Build with God
2015: G-Force – God’s Love in Action
2016: Surf Shack – Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love
2017: Hero Central
2018: Rolling River Rampage

Concordia VBS Themes
2014: Gangway to Galileo – Amazing Grace Adventures
2015: Camp Discovery – Jesus at Work Through Us
2016: Barnyard Roundup – Jesus Gathers Us Together, ¡Sopresa! – El Camino del Perdón
2017: Mighty Fortress
2018: Splash Canyon

Standard Publishing VBS Themes
1989: Joy Trek – A Journey with Jesus through time and space
2000: Road Rally Praises
2005 – Construction Zone – Building Character Like Jesus
2007: Take the Plunge with Jesus
2012: Adventures on Promise Island – Where Kids Discover God’s Lifesaving Love!
2013: God’s Backyard Bible Camp – Under the Sun/Under the Stars
2014: Jungle Safari – Where Kids Explore the Nature of God
2015: Bible Blast to the Past – Discover God’s Everlasting Love
2016: Deep Sea Discovery – God is With Me Wherever I Go

Gospel Light VBS Themes
1991: Sonward Ho
1992: Son Mountain
1993: Amazing Journey to Bible Times
1994: Son Farm
1995: Sontown
1996: Kingdom of th Son
1997: Sonrise
1998: Sonlight Island
1999: SonCastle Faire
2001: Soncreek Junction
2002: SonCanyon River
2003: SonHarvest
2004: SonGames
2005: Kingdom of the Son ( repeat)
2006: SonTreasure Island
2008: Sonworld Adventure Park
2009: SonRock Kids Camp
2014: SonTreasure Island, SonWest Roundup
2015: Son Spark Labs – Discovering God’s Plan 4U=Jesus!, SonRise National Park

Answers VBS Themes
2014: International Spy Academy – Agents for the One True God
2015: Camp Kilimanjaro – An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs
2016: Ocean Commotion – Diving Into Noah’s Flood
2017: Operation Arctic
2018: Time Lab

RBP VBS Themes
2014: Arrow Island – Choosing God’s Way
2015: To The Edge – Encounter the God of the Universe
2016: Cow-A-Bungalow Farm – Growin’ With Our Faithful God
2017: Over the Moat
2018: Camp Moose on the Loose

Bogard Press VBS Themes
2014: Cross Canyon Trail
2015: Camp Courageous
2016: The Conquerors
2017: The Redeemer2018: Jungle River Adventure

Abingdon Press VBS Themes
2015: Shining Star – See the Jesus in Me
2016: Joy In Jesus – Everywhere! All The Time!
2017: Super God! Super Me! Super Possibility!

Spanish VBS Themes
2015: Underwater Quest

Mega Sports Camp VBS Themes
2014: Game Plan
2015: Get Ready
2016: Epic Moments
2017: Conquer the Day
2018: Team Spirit

Jeff Slaughter VBS Themes
2014: Scavenger Hunt
2015: Run Run
2016: Tree House

VBS Mission Project VBS Themes
2016: VBS Missions – Change For Life

Go Fish Resources
2014: Shine
2017: Victory

Orange VBS Themes
2017: Gadgets & Gizmos
2018: Amped
53 comments on “Themes from VBS Past
  1. Glee Smith says:

    How can I get a copy of the Jerusalem Marketplace? My daughter was 7 when she went to a church in Texas with that theme. She still remembers every song & talks about that VBS VERY often.

  2. Tracy Stokes says:

    1996-Vacation Bible Ship
    1997-Wild Frontier
    1998-Space Mission

  3. Marsha says:

    Is there a way to get old VBS kits? Looking especially at 2003 Scuba or 1999 Treasure Hunt

  4. Kelly says:

    I am looking for the music from, “The Ultimate Adventure” VBS from the late 1990’s. Can anyone help direct me?

  5. Candy Moser says:

    There was a VBS one year that was about different countries does anybody remember the name of it?

  6. Abbey says:

    1991 or 1992 Group was Son Mountain a camp theme

  7. Delaine Ford says:

    I am looking for Bible points posters and treasure verse posters from 2007 Avalanche Ranch VBS

  8. Florence Drake says:

    I am looking for jungle ideas

  9. Florence Drake says:

    Hi I am looking for jungle stuff

  10. Mac says:

    Anyone know where I can get a Camp Can Do shirt? Thanks.

  11. Kathy Wagner says:

    Standard had a construction zone, trying to remember a
    Jungle type theme love vbs

    • Freddy Martin says:

      That’s right, Kathy! It was called Construction Zone in 2013. And the jungle one you’re thinking of was “Jungle Safari – Kids Explore the Nature of God!” Thanks for the help.

  12. Kate Warner says:

    I directed a bunch mainly Gospel Light
    1991 Sonward Ho
    1992 Son Mountain
    1993 Amazing Journey to Bible Times
    1994 Son Farm
    1995 Sontown
    1996 Kingdom of th Son
    1997 Sonrise
    1998 Sonlight Island
    1999 SonCastle Faire
    In 2000 we did a Standard one called Road Rally Praises
    2001 Soncreek Junction
    2002 SonCanyon River
    2003 SonHarvest
    2004 SonGames
    2005 Kingdom of the Son ( repeat)
    2006 SonTreasure Island
    In 2007 switched to Standard again for Take the Plunge with Jesus
    2008 Sonworld Adventure Park
    2009 SonRock Kids Camp
    After that I’ve lost the records but we did several from Group I know we did Weird Animals. And Everest

    • Freddy Martin says:

      What an amazing collection of info, Kate! Thank you.

    • Jill Mackie says:

      2000 gospellight was SonZone (science lab), 2007 I also used another publisher, 2010 was SonQuest rainforest, 2011 was Sonsurf Beach Bash, 2012 was SonHarvest County Fair (repeat). After that I retired.

    • Jill Mackie says:

      2000 was SonZone (science lab), 2007 I also went with a different publisher, 2010 was SonQuest Rainforest, 2011 was SonSurf Beach Bash, 2012 I did SonHarvest repeat, after that I retired!

  13. Marrie says:

    I’m searching for any Lifeway VBS music cd’s from past themes/years.

  14. Becky Morris says:

    Looking for a VBS title (2003-2005) the “camp name” was something like CAMP IWILLAGOWAY, meaning I Will Go God’s Way. I would like to know the correct spelling of the “camp name” and who published it. The theme was a study of David as I recall. thank you!

    • Freddy Martin says:

      Hi Becky. Wow, you’ve stumped us. We’ll keep looking. If you find out or remember, don’t leave us hanging. We’d love to add it to the list.

  15. Laura Morell says:

    I’m looking for WordAction “Action Heroes” VBS 2006. We really want to have this theme this year. Please let me know if you have the materials, teachers books, activity books for the student, banner, Bible memory posters etc.

    Please, Please, Please

    • Freddy Martin says:

      Hi Laura. Thanks for asking. We did a search but didn’t find very much out there for it. It appears to have been a limited publishing. We just found one video that went with it. We’d be happy to do your t-shirts for you. We can create custom designs to match any theme you do.

      Call us at 888.980.4827 to get started. 🙂

  16. Jennifer says:

    Joy Trek – 1989. I’ve been searching the internet for song clips and I can’t find anything. I googled the lyrics I could remember and this pdf of a newspaper from 1989 came up! I love the internet!…/222617/Santa_Anna_1989_06_22.pdf

  17. Michelle says:

    Does anyone remember a dinosaur VBS from around 2008? I have searched the Internet and cannot find anything about this one.

  18. Abbey Meuter says:

    2007 Gospel Light- Son Force Kids

  19. Crystal Dunn Jones says:

    Standard in 2013 was God’s Backyard Bible Camp. The Construction Zone was earlier than that.

    Here are more Bogard Press:
    2014:Cross Canyon Trail
    2015:Camp Courageous
    2016:The Conquerors
    2017:The Redeemer

  20. Wendell Prescott says:

    HI all…
    I am in need of the music for Circle G Ranch 2005. I can not find it anywhere.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Freddy Martin says:

      Hi Wendell, We couldn’t find it either, but here’s a video with pretty clean audio on 3 of the songs.

      Hope you find what you’re looking for. 🙂

      • Wendell Prescott says:

        This was a very good video with music…. We actually used Circle G in 2005 and I had everything except the music which someone borrowed and
        never returned. You just gotta have the music! I have been lucky enough to find Groups Avalanche Ranch from 2007 . Still searching for the Bible Point posters though.
        Thanks again for your help…

  21. Adriana says:

    I’m looking for a VBS song from my past but I don’t know what publisher, what year, or what the VBS program was even called. The song is called “The VBS Workout” and we did it in the 90s. My church played that song every year as the start of our program but recently the cassette has gone missing. Does anyone know this song?

  22. Kathy says:

    Group had one in the early 90’s “promise builders”. I think – anyone remember that? I still get the chorus of God’s Got A Plan . . Working in the world today. – it was kind of rap

  23. Patsy Bean says:

    Found a bobs booklet hiding on top of a heat vent in our church where we are doing remodel, there is no date when it was published. The title is Pioneers of faith. Publisher is Zondervan.

  24. Rose says:

    looking for 2009 crocodile dock kit

  25. Jan says:

    Looking for Bogard Press 2017 Redeemer teachers books

  26. cherie king says:

    Someone did Kingdom Cappers

  27. Brian says:

    RBP 2002 Space Station 2002: Exploring Our Awesome God
    RBP 2003 Trailblazing Pioneers 2003
    RBP 2004 Castle Kids: Choosing to Serve the King
    RBP 2008 DinoDetectives: Digging for God’s Truth
    RBP 2009 Polar Extremes: All Out for God
    RBP 2010 SeaQuest: Diving for God’s Treasure
    RBP 2011 Rev It Up: Full Throttle For God

    Some of these I participated in personally, as a child or as a helper. I have items with the name of the VBS theme printed. Others are ones I researched extensively based on memories. Some are merely researched on the Internet.
    A fantastic church website exists with their photos of the different VBSs they ran:

  28. Mitchell says:

    Does anyone remember Adventures of the Treasure Seekers? 2006, maybe.

  29. Michalee Christy says:

    I LOVE Cokesbury theme 2000 that focused on the Arts. One of the theme songs was “I am a Masterpiece.” Does anyone have info on this VBS and where I can find it?

  30. Christy Allen says:

    What year was Hooked on Jesus? I didn’t see that one? I still remember the theme song!

  31. Morgan says:

    I’m looking for a theme in the early mid 90’s that was Safari themed. Thank you!

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