Amazing Encounters With Jesus

Grab your camera and set off into the wild to encounter the beauty of a natural world that declares God’s glory. LifeWay’s VBS for 2019 explores some of earth’s most beautiful creatures and sets up encounters with the one who created them all, Jesus! (John 20:31)



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BIBLE POINT: Through encounters with giraffes, penguins and other wildlife from all over the world, your explorers will examine encounters with Jesus in the Bible. LifeWay made sure that every element of In the Wild VBS is maximized for outreach, and points back to the Gospel. Secondly, this is a beautifully illustrated theme that’s bound to satisfy those who weren’t that into sports in 2018. From the frontier to the jungle, your explorers will take a photography expedition through creation and surely discover “amazing encounters with Jesus.”

Zoom in! Focus on Jesus!

The Bible content each day focuses on encounters real people had with Jesus while He was on earth in the first century! On Day 1, kids see Jesus through the eyes of the teachers when, as a boy, he learned and taught in the temple. Day 2 brings the story of John the Baptist when he met Jesus at the Jordan river and heard God’s voice. Day 3 introduces kids to the disciples who encountered Jesus walking on the water. Jesus’ disciples encounter God’s Son who returned from the dead on Day 4. Finally, on Day 5, some of Jesus’ disciples encounter Him on the road to Emmaus and learn to believe He is who scripture says He is.


TINY EXPLORERS WELCOME: We love that LifeWay has made this curriculum for for cubs, juveniles and adults alike. The Preschool starter kit offers guides, crafts, games and souvenirs for 1-year-olds to kindergarteners (broken up into 3 groups), while the kids kit offers the same for 1st great all the way through 6th. Certainly there’s a photo adventure in the wild for everyone!

“Are you ready for an up close and personal encounter with Jesus? The adventure of a lifetime awaits!”

In The Wild VBS by LifeWay is a beautifully illustrated theme that’s bound to satisfy those who weren’t that into sports in 2018. Themed around a photography expedition into the wild back areas of creation, kids will surely discover “amazing encounters with Jesus.”

“Let’s go where God leads us! Just like Jesus!”

In The Wild VBS Musical rotation includes 5 exciting new songs! Theme song In The Wild sets the tone for the day with a lively pop choir sound. It’ll get your VBS kids ready to look around, zoom in and discover! Each day has a theme song, matching the Bible point of the day. On Day 2, they’ll sing about the Jesus’s baptism, and remember who He is and what He’s done in Why He Came. On Day 3, What You’re Made For celebrates redemption to the sound of happy acoustic strums. Worthy of All Praise has a soft, worshipful melody with Gospel-rich lyrics. There’s even a special set of fun, age-appropriate & Jesus-focused songs for 3s to Kindergarten age. You’ll be glad to hear that there’s no difference in richness from age to age!


EXTRAS: Get your cameras ready! There’s a waterfall of age-divided extras to see.


Animal Headbands: Get your preschoolers excited for their Bible story with furry headbands with zebra, giraffe and tiger ears! So adorable!


Snapshot Viewer: “Roll the reel for wild encounters,” with the camera viewfinder showing each day’s Scripture and two animal scenes from their week in the wild!


Whoo’s Calling Earbud Holder: This included craft pack will get straight to to the hearts of your older Nat Geo photographers. They can keep their earbuds handy with the wise owl who taught them to listen to God and follow His son, Jesus!


Jumbo Inflatable Elephant: Did you hear that trumpet sound?! It’s the giant inflatable elephant in the room. Put him by your registration table to draw attention or in the Pachyderm Path Missions Site!


Devotional Bible for Kids: Send your visual artists home with the the best gift they can own: the Bible. This VBS 2019 Bible has a camera lense pictured on the front and 30 days of devotions to “help kids develop the practice of daily reading. TIP: This is especially good free-gift to kids at your VBS who don’t come from believing families. Invite them to come to church next week to learn more about the God they encountered at In The Wild!


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