Concordia Publishing House VBS 2019 – Miraculous Mission

Check back soon as we prepare a full review of CPH’s VBS for 2019: Miraculous Mission – Jesus Saves The World. Here you’ll find the Bible focus, craft and games reviews, and great ideas for your 2019 VBS.


Miraculous Mission

Jesus Saves The World

It’s a space mission with a twist as the God of the Universe sends his Son  to save the world. When we feel oh so small in a universe that is oh so big, we can know that we’re not alone when we remember Jesus’ mission to be “God with Us” here on earth. Your kids will learn of God’s great big love that crosses galaxies to save them (John 3:16).


“God’s Word stands alone with real stories about real people.”


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2019 Miraculous Mission VBS Review

Every year, we dig into all the VBS curriculum, programs, and themes to give you everything you need to know to choose the perfect VBS for your church.


CPH’s Miraculous Mission VBS takes your kids out into space to explore the stars and to look back to see the world as God sees it – as a world full of people worth saving. The beautiful artwork and scripture-centered lessons will delight young and old alike.


VBS with Purpose!

Concordia works hard to help kids understand the difference between imaginative play or fairy tales and true accounts from God’s word. You’ll find they don’t include cute animal characters to tell Bible lessons. These Bible lessons connect many of the stories of the sky in the overall biblical narrative. On Day 1, kids learn that God made the all the stars in the universe through the story of Creation. Day 2 sets the stage for God’s vast promises being fulfilled through Abraham’s story. Day 3 sees Jesus introduced to the world as a baby announced by a star. Day 4 tells the story of how Jesus rose from the grave as the sun rises in the morning. At last, on Day 5, Jesus reigns as the King of all creation, coming again as promised.


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