Get your kids off the couch and onto the field with this unique sports-themed take on the traditional Vacation Bible School. Victory is the goal in sports and in life and your VBS kids will discover that they are more than conquerers through Jesus!


SPORTS AND SPIRIT: What makes Mega Sports Camp VBS curriculum so unique is their perfect blending of a sports day camp and VBS. And why not? Kids love to learn new games and get out in the sunshine to run and play. With three sports sessions per day kids first learn the basic skills needed for the game. Second, they do drills to help get ready for the game. Then in the final sports session they play a real game agains another team… and they even keep score. With coaches who double as small group discussion leaders, exciting songs, stories of sports heroes, and Bible verses to memorize, your kids will go home ready to play, pray, and say what God’s love means to them.


Secret Sauce: Out of all the cool activities, games, and fun packed into Conquer the Day, the most amazing benefit of this sports-focused VBS is that it draws out more men for volunteering than any of the other VBS programs we’ve reviewed. For whatever reason, the men flock to the opportunity to be coach for a week and serve the kids of the church. Sadly, more of our churches than ever lack male participation in children’s ministry, and this is an incredible draw to bring them in as volunteers. As men get involved, they may soon take on greater leadership in the church and in their families, and the children will benefit from seeing positive and strong, Christian role models joining in to spread the Gospel to kids.


We are all new creations when we join Team Jesus!


BIBLE POINT: You can win at sports, but can you win at life? You can if you’re more than a conquerer through Jesus Christ! Your VBS kids will learn to conquer the day with five great days of Bible stories about King David and stories of the sports heroes who exemplify the point. On Day 1, they’ll learn to “Practice with Purpose” like Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry. Day 2 introduces kids to Lex Gillette, the blind Paralympic athlete who learned to “Listen to Leaders.” Kids will “Remember to Recharge” on Day 3 when they learn about Tennis superstar Roger Federer. Singaporean gold medalist, Joseph Schooling helps kids “Compete with Courage” on Day 4. Finally, they’ll “Skip the Shortcuts” on Day 5 when they learn about Liz Wallace and Mallory Holtman, the competing softball players who helped one another even at the cost of their own victory. Each day drives home the Bible point with true stories of people who did the right thing to become conquerers.



NON SPORTS EXTRAS: If you’re like us, you probably asked the same question; What about the kids who can’t or don’t want to play sports? While Mega Sports Camp wants to encourage all kids to participate, they recognize the opportunity to provide some alternate activities for those who won’t be joining in the sports fun. Check out the life and ministry skills extras which provide options including cooking, drama, and crafts. These activities take up about the same time as the sports sessions so kids not playing sports will have plenty to do throughout the day.


We are more than conquerers!


SETS & PROPS?: Not necessary! Since much of your VBS will take place out on the field of play, the massive theming decoration isn’t a major component of Conquer the Day like it might be with other themed VBS curriculum. In fact, your sets and props are your basketball court or softball field plus the equipment needed to play the game. We recommend you do dress up those areas with banners and red, white, & blue bunting like you might find at an old time exhibition game. Dress up the halls and common areas with sports decorations to draw in your overall sports theme. Find awesome stuff and decor at your local party store, LIKE THIS.


PRO-TIP: One of the big benefits of the sports theme is that your VBS probably takes place in the Summer when all your sports gear is already out and ready to use. All the balls and bats aren’t put away in the garage, so you can get plenty of volunteers to bring their equipment to share. Another home run is that the color scheme of Mega Sports Camp is red, white, & blue. If your VBS takes place after 4th of July, ask your congregation to bring in all their leftover decorations to help make your VBS look great!





EXTRAS: We love the slim-lined approach of Mega Sports Camps when approaching VBS, but don’t worry. They’ve still got plenty of extras to help make your More than Conquerers VBS even better!


  • Sports Flash Newspapers – Take the message home with cool sports newspaper sheets that feature the sports heroes and reinforce the days story and theme. Kids will love sharing what they learned with these full-color souvenirs.
  • Gospel Ball – The Gospel is why we have VBS in the first place, and this squeezy ball is a fun reminder of the salvation story. Striped like an ABA basketball, each color represents an aspect of the Gospel that kids can remember and share.
  • Cheerleaders – Every sports team needs somebody to cheer them on. Conquer the Day’s cheerleader extras is full of songs, actions, hand motions and cheers to help those on the sidelines get involved in the game and MAKE SOME NOISE!!

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