MEGA Sports CampMEGA Sports Camp – Fundamentals VBS Review


Outreach-oriented and athletic MEGA Sports Camp FUNdamentals VBS by My Healthy Church will help you bring the kids of your community together and hear the Gospel, maybe for the first time. Through the story of Nehemiah and the Israelite’s brave mission to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, kids will learn that good FUNdamentals lead to victory. Each day’s point will touch down on an example in sports history to connect the bible stories to modern day.



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“Gets preschool and elementary kids out of their chairs and into the Word of God.”


BIBLE POINT: Fundamentals are key to success in sports, and in life. FUNdamentals followers Nehemiah and the Israelites building the wall of Jerusalem in the book of Nehemiah walking in faith all the way to victory. The Gospel contains all fundamentals we need for success in this life and in eternity. I Corinthians 16:13 is the MEGA Verse.

Outreach-Focused Sports VBS


Each day has a theme & mega “I will” point, a bible story and a sports story. On Day 1 “Set My Goal”, and look at how the Israelites prepared to rebuild the wall around their sacred city. Check out LeBron James’s free throw goal during the sports story. Next, your kids will “Work Hard” on Day 2 with Nehemiah, the Israelites and Katie Ledecky. Then on Day 3, “Choose to be Unstoppable” in the face of challenges. J.J. Watts raising millions for Houston will help drive home this point. On Day 4, we Trust Our Training and see imPOSSIBLE results. Hold your breath and watch The U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team win gold in a shootout. Touchdown and “Celebrate My Wins” with Houston, Nehemiah and the Israelites.



MEGA Sports Camp: FUNdamentals is designed to reach kids who aren’t familiar with Jesus and the Gospel. They average 90% of kids who come to VBS don’t go to church, and 20% make a profession of faith by the end. We love that My Health Church offers post-VBS resources specifically for kids who profess faith and need guidance about salvation.


“I’m so glad I know that nothing is impossible!”


MUSIC FOR ALL: FUNdamentals’s music hits multiple genres like rock, r&b, and electronica and will catch the ears and attention of your communities’ kids. Romans 8:37 is a dubstep/electronic tune with lyrics straight from the verse. Next is God is for Me celebrates the power God supplies and his desire for relationship with us. Following is There Is Power, a mellow, electronic song that pulls from Matthew 18:20. The set closes out with rock jam, Evidence of You.



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EXTRAS: Score bonus points with your kids and help your leaders hit a home run with awesome extras and tools.


BOTTLE AND GOSPEL BALL: Stay hydrated and stay reminded. Integrate META truths into their everyday lives with a sports water bottle (BPA free) and squeeze ball. The squeeze ball has three colors, each repping part of the Gospel. This serves as a great witness tool.


NOW WHAT? FOR KIDS: SALVATION: Salvation doesn’t end with VBS. Help kids who profess faith at camp to carry their faith off the court with a practical guide to the God, Bible, Church.


LIFE AND MINISTRY SKILLS: Anticipate kids who aren’t into sports? Provide alternatives like cooking, drama and card-making stations with these handy guides to reach every one of your kids.



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