VBS Themes 2020

And the theme for VBS 2020 is…

It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s VBS by checking out the VBS 2020 themes. 2019 VBS is in full swing and the 2020 buzz is in the air!  Bookmark this page and watch for updates. We’ve got our antenna up searching the airwaves for any hints on the 2020 VBS themes!


Now, this page is one to watch for the latest updates from every VBS curriculum publisher we can find. We’ll bring you all the news on Group VBS, LifeWay, Answers VBS, Orange VBS, CPH, RBP, Cokesbury, Mega Sports Camp, Go Fish, Abingdon Press and Bogard Press. Follow us on Facebook and bookmark this page to be the first in your community to know what the 2020 VBS themes will be.


Announced Themes:

Wilderness Escape - Group VBS


God takes care of His people. In Group’s Holy Land Adventure VBS for 2020, join the Israelites as they escape Egypt and follow God into the wilderness.


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Rocky Railway - Group Easy VBS


Jesus has the power to pull us through! Rocky Railway takes your VBS kids on adventure through mountains, caves and plains in 2020!


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Concrete and Cranes - LifeWay VBS


Concrete & Cranes, we’re building out faith on the Cornerstone! Spend a week on the construction site of our faith, and learn the true Cornerstone, Jesus!


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Focus - Orange VBS


Learn to trust what you can’t see with Orange’s 2020 VBS theme, Focus! Your sight-seers will take a closer look at their Savior, how to serve Him and serve others.


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Mystery Island - Answers VBS


We hope you packed your favorite reef-safe sunscreen! In the summer of 2020, enter an island shrouded in mystery and discover truth about the one true God.


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Knights of North Castle - Cokesbury VBS


The Knights of North Castle are on a quest for the King’s Armor! Every day, open the King’s Book to find out how to put on the full armor of God.


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Rainforest Explorers - Concordia Supply


The rainforest is a wild place, and we need a guide! Follow Jesus through unknown territory and your VBS kids will learn how to follow him through life!


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Alpine Ascent - Bogard Press


Bogard Press takes the 2020 theme reveal lead this year with Alpine Ascent – Find Strength in God’s Word!


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If you’re like us, VBS isn’t over until the revealing of next year’s theme. Because not only is it exciting to get the kids and volunteers all amped up, it also gives kids & ministry leaders the opportunity to start the ball rolling and prep for a brand new VBS next Summer!


Maybe the most important part of knowing what the 2020 VBS theme will be is your chance to start scouring the thrift stores and garage sales to collect set pieces, costumes, and props. Is this scenario familiar to you? You take a pickup load full of old junk to the Goodwill, including that floppy old raft and oars your husband has kept since college. The very next day, you find out that next year’s VBS is a white water rafting theme!!


On this page you’ll find the latest news and updates from all of the top VBS curriculum publishers. We’re watching them closely – Group VBS, LifeWay, Answers VBS, Orange VBS, CPH, RBP, Cokesbury, Mega Sports Camp, Go Fish, Abingdon Press and Bogard Press. Bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook to be the first to know.