Where do we come from? And why? With Maker Fun Factory, your VBS kids will tap into their creativity as inventors in a fascinating, hands-on workshop where they’ll discover they were lovingly created by God for a unique purpose.


CRAFTS: This year’s “Imagination Station,” Group’s craft alternative, fits like a pair of gears as kids work with fun, science-themed gadgets to encourage hands-on learning.


BIBLE POINT: Maker Fun Factory’s Bible point drives home that each one of us was “Created by God!!” All week, students are introduced to animal friends who help them understand the Bible point. On Day 1, a crab named “Decker” tells the story of creation declaring, “God made you.” Day 2 finds “Tina,” a handy termite who points us to God’s power saying, “God is for you.” A whale named “Bubba” shares about God’s faithfulness on Day 3 reminding us that, “God is always with you wherever you go.” The Gospel message is shared on Day 4 by Skyler, a tool-toting pigeon who makes it clear, “God will always love you.” Finally, on Day 5 “Abbee”… a bee, directs us to the ultimate conclusion that, “God made you for a reason,” for His glory!


Created by God!!


SETS & PROPS: As designers, we love the awesome visual potential of the theme. Cut-out cardboard gears of all sizes and colors to create a gigantic clockwork’s stage. To save time, steer clear of making gears with too many teeth. Even numbers from 8 to 12 teeth should suffice.


PRO-TIP: Keep in mind that, while gears look like simple shapes, their visual impact only works if they are symmetrical. Rather than cutting them out free-hand, use a projector to trace your gears, or get a volunteer to measure precisely where each tooth should go.


God created each one of us with unique talents, abilities, and features – and we were made for a purpose. Take your object lesson up a notch by installing your own creative Rube Goldberg machine. These amazing machines use found objects that bump, roll, clink, pull, and push in a visual carnival that eventually does something useful, like pour a drink of water or turn on the lights. This illustrates God’s care and creativity in making each one of us for an ultimate purpose.


PRO-TIP: Recruit teen leaders and Dads to tap into their creativity and create some amazing kinetic machines to blow everybody away. Make it as complex or simple as you’d like. Check out this incredible, yet doable example HERE.


SKITS: We’re big fans of great storytelling and Maker Fun Factory’s “KidVid Cinema” doesn’t disappoint. Filmed stories of real kids in real situations helps your kids truly connect with the teaching.


ESSENTIALS: Available for Pre-K through High School Seniors, there’s a reason why Group stands tall among the VBS publishers. With so much fun and variety to choose from, it can be overwhelming to get started. So we recommend you start with Maker Fun Factory Essential packs. These will save you time at the outset, and give you the freedom to pick and choose the extras that appeal to most.


EXTRAS: As always, Group has pulled together a virtual warehouse of cool and fun gadgets and gizmos to help make your VBS even better. We always keep our eyes out some of the more creative and clever extras, for instance:

  • Straw Table Cover – This simple tablecloth is printed to look like a pile of hay or straw to make the perfect set piece for the story of Rahab hiding Joshua and Caleb. Best part? No mess!
  • Bruce Barry’s Decorator Tips – It might seem like a no-brainer, but the Maker Fun Factory decorator DVD featuring pro interior designer, Bruce Barry, features a ton of simple and creative tips and tricks to help you go from plain stage and walls to a buzzing factory of fun.
  • Connector Cards – Faith is something you take home. These groovy (get it) die-cut puzzle cards are the perfect take-home gift to helps kids continue to build on the faith they began at VBS.


Purchase your copy of Maker Fun Factory from Group HERE.


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