You don’t need a flux-capacitor to go back to the future! God’s Word gives us an up-close look at the deep past and the future to come when Jesus reigns over the new heaven and new earth forever! Time Lab, the 2018 Vacation Bible School curriculum by Answers VBS, shows kids how Jesus has been the key character in the Bible from before the beginning all the way into eternity!


VBS SONGS & MUSIC: Answers VBS continues in their long tradition of great music to help kids remember scripture and express love for God’s Word. The songs for Time Lab are a fun mix of modern beats and instrumentation with theologically solid lyrics. Songs like Fairest Lord Jesus and Friends in High Places are high-energy electronic R&B that sound like they would be at home on a boy band album and that’s not a bad thing. The hip-hop rap of Rock of Ages might surprise some churches, but you’ll find yourself more surprised by the closing track, Glory Be To Jesus, which is a sweet, down-home country tune by Answers’ in-house songwriter Buddy Davis that seems a bit out of place on a disc full of modern worship. Still, it works, especially with kids who have broad tastes. 


“Jesus is the Rock of Ages!’ Now bounce around like it’s contagious!”


BIBLE POINT: So how does this time machine work? It works by exploring the Bible and finding Jesus’ presence throughout history, even before his birth in a stable. The $20 word Christophany” plays a key role in the curriculum every day. On Day 1, we meet Flutter the Sparrow who shows us Jesus before creation and at the moment God spoke it into existence. Lottie the Lamb shows Jesus’ roles throughout the Old Testament on Day 2. Day 3 introduces us to Segeant the St. Bernard who shows us Jesus as Savior in the New Testament. Then on Day 4, Bucky the Beaver shows how Jesus is active in the world today. Finally on Day 5 King the Lion leads the celebration of Jesus’ reign into eternity future! 

Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Future


FIVE Cs: Probably the most impressive part about Answers’ Time Lab is their ambition to teach your kids a theological concept than most Christian adults aren’t even aware of. Churches today simply do not spend any time teaching that Jesus has been present as the Son of God since before creation and throughout the Old Testament. Don’t be surprised when some parents and volunteers are asking you just as many questions about Christophany” as the kids. To teach this, Answers VBS broke the study into 5 distinct concepts that begin with C.” 
  • Creation Jesus existed and was working out the salvation of mankind even at Creation.
  • Christophany Jesus was present throughout the Old Testament interacting with people like Abraham, Gideon, and Moses.
  • Cross Jesus, the God-man, bore our sins and shame when He died to set us free from sin and death.
  • Clouds Jesus left the earth to sit at the right hand of God to intercede on our behalf and to prepare a place for us, his bride!
  • Crown Jesus is risen and coming again as the King over all Heaven and the New Earth!
PRO-TIP: Start shopping the thrift stores now! Time is on your side to find lots and lots of fun and interesting clocks. Express the theme by decorating with clocks of all shapes and sizes. The more the better. And when Christmas is over, raid the discount stores for sparkly lights at the cheapest prices to decorate your very own time portal.
VBS DIRECTOR ONLINE TOOL: Take your leadership skills to the next level with Answers’ newly updated VBS Director software. They wanted to help you be more effective with managing and promoting your Vacation Bible School so they’ve created a suite of great tools to help you manage all your students and volunteers with registration forms, get the word out with your own homepage and promo materials, and an ambitious rotation scheduling and planning tool to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Best part? It’s free for you!

EXTRAS: We always look forward to the fun little extras Answers VBS collects to share the theme and the message in clever ways. Not everything has been released yet, but we’ll make sure you know as soon as we do!


  • Missions Moment – Give your VBS kids a way to take action for the sake of kids in poverty around the world. Answers VBS is once again partnering with The Children’s Hunger Fund to raise money for meals that will feed children through gospel-centered mercy ministry!


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