Power Up

Ready, Player One? Your Vacation Bible School can “Level Up” with Bible content that points kids to God’s desire for relationship with them. With 2 Peter 1:3 as their key verse, kids will know that God’s power gives them everything they need to lead a godly life. In 2019, you’ll get your turn to drop a quarter in the slot and play!


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Every year, we dig into all the VBS curricula to give you everything you need to choose the perfect VBS for your church. So, this review of Power Up VBS by Orange will give you an in-depth look its the bible point, music, layout and theme. 


Raise Your Game – Power Up VBS Review


BIBLE POINT: Power Up, Orange VBS’s new curriculum for 2019 is retro, video game fun for everyone. Themed around some of the fun, 8-bit video games of the 1980s, kids get to dig deep into Bible content that shows them that they can know God. Furthermore, they can know Him through his Word and through His Spirit.


RETRO JAMS: Orange’s music for 2019 isn’t playing games! Well, maybe it is. Classic electronic synth is combined with lovely vocals to create a truly stellar setlist. First, the theme song Raise the Game ties in the theme with the Bible message: Jesus gives us strength for every battle! After that, All I Need is a melodic, worshipful song that can easily become a Sunday school favorite. Every Beat feels like soaring through Galaga, praising God for his power. After that, get your Bruno Mars jig on to sing about God’s amazing love on Can’t Contain It. Dove Award-winner Seth Condrey, Andy Alemany, Chrystina Fincher and other Christian artists are featured on this VBS setlist. Needless to say, they really take it to the next level!


“God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life.”


Each day, your VBS will explore Bible stories that illustrate God’s love, power, and desire for relationship with them. First, Day 1 starts with God’s call to Abram and the bottom line that God wants us to know Him. On Day 2, kids meet King Josiah and discover that we can know God through His Word. We focus in on Jesus’ baptism on Day 3 as we learn that God sent Jesus to save us. Next, Day 4 brings us face-to-face with the disciples at Pentecost to learn that God sent His Spirit to help us. Finally, on Day 5, kids discover the fruit of the Spirit and how the Spirit can empower them to help others know God too!



EXTRAS: Prize unlocked! Take a look at these totally cool extras that’ll get you and your kids ready to beat the final boss.

Power Up Temporary Tattoos: Ultra fun themed tattoos can be used to promote your church’s VBS or send home with your gamers to remember the power they have to know Jesus through the Spirit.

Sound-activated LED Bracelets: Sound-activated bracelets will light up your large group times and create a totally immersive experience for your kids and leaders! Secondly, you can use them to separate your Pac-Mans from your Spaceships, and Ghosts from Aliens.

Power Up Sunglasses: A week in the arcade calls for some shades. Show your VBS kids the outside world through neon pixelated frames, not forgetting to raise their game through Jesus!

Get your kids excited to know God with Orange’s Power Up curriculum, which you can order HERE!




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