Frequently Asked Questions


How Much is Shipping?

2 Week Free Delivery, on-time, Guaranteed.
  • Approve your order before 3:00PM
  • Guaranteed 2 week delivery.
  • Delivery to the 48 continental United States.
  • Let us know what your due date is we can do our best to shave a few days off if needed!
Rush Delivery, on-time, Guaranteed.
  • Approve your order before 3:00PM.
  • As quick as 1 week delivery.
  • Delivery to the 48 continental United States.
  • Available for most products, but not all.
  • Add 10% for Rush delivery.
2-4 Day Miracle Delivery, on-time, Guaranteed.
  • Call us at 888-812-4044, orders must be placed by phone Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Time.
  • Delivery to the 48 continental United States.
  • Guaranteed 2-4 day delivery.
  • Available on select products.
  • Timeframe depends on your location.
  • Additional charges apply.
Hawaii & Alaska Delivery
  • Call us at 888-812-4044, orders must be placed by phone Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Time.
  • Shipping to Hawaii & Alaska is an additional charge.
  • Timeframe depends on your location.
  • Delivery Service from USPS® or UPS®
  • Delivery time cannot be guaranteed.
Things to know about your delivery
  • If your Church is closed during the week consider having your shirts delivered to your home.
  • If nobody is available to receive the shipment UPS will make another attempt the next business day.  3 attempts total.
  • We don’t have control over UPS delays caused by weather or acts of God.
  • UPS delivers between 8am – 7pm Monday – Friday.
  • When available UPS Saturday delivery is more expensive.
  • Priority Mail is not guaranteed.

What are some tips for saving money on t-shirts?

Are there Set Up Fees?

No.  We do not charge set up fees on T-shirt printing.  Most shops charge between $20.00-35.00 per color for set up.  At VBS T-Shirts set up is free!

Are there Shipping and handling charges?

Free 2 week delivery is Free, and we never charge for handling.

View our shipping page for more information about faster rush services if needed.


Are there hidden costs?

All the pricing listed on the site is All-inclusive!

  • UPS ground shipping is free, with a guaranteed two week delivery.
  • Design and Artwork time for your t-shirt order is free.

However, there are some additional services and products that you may want to utilize that come with a cost.

  • Rush Delivery is 10% more, and Miracle Delivery in 2-4 days can be more.
  • You may choose to purchase electronic art files of your design for $75.00-$150.00
  • Bigger size t-shirts are more.  2XL’s are $1.00more, 3XL’s $2.00, 4XL’s $3.00, 5XL’s $4.00 additional.
  • If you want part of your order printed with different ink colors there is a $10.00 charge, per ink color change.


Do you ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to Canada.

How much does it cost?

All-inclusive pricing is displayed on each design on our site, Artwork and UPS ground shipping is free. Your designer can supply you with exact pricing for your design as the process goes, so you know exactly what to expect and where to make adjustments.

How many of each size do I need to order?

There is no limitation, feel free to order as few or many as you need in any size.  You can order all children’s sizes and then one XL if that is what you need.

We are here to make it as easy as possible for you.

What if I need to order under the 12 minimum?

We don’t recommend ordering less than 12 shirts at a time because screen printing is done in bulk. A $10 shirt produced on its own can easily cost $50.

Since your shirts are printed in bulk, the cost gets cheaper the more shirts you order. The costly part is in the setting up of your shirt production. Your design goes from film, to screen, to print, and each color needs its own film as well. It’s very rewarding to see the end product but it’s also a complicated process.

This is also why every design is priced separately.

Can I get a quantity discount?

Yes, our all-inclusive pricing is based on quantity.  If you order more shirts the per shirt price will be less.

Price breaks are at these quantities

  • 12-24
  • 25-49
  • 50-74
  • 75-99
  • 100-149
  • 150-299
  • 300-499
  • 500 or more.

For more info see our Pricing Page or Ways to Save page

For Example:  Here is the all-inclusive pricing for T-Shirts with a design printed on one side, with a single color ink.

1 Color Print on Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Shirt QuantityPrice Per Printed ShirtAdd 1-Color Print
on Sleeve or Back

Can I get a sample?

Sure thing. We can help you choose what’s best whether it be sizing or colors.

Call to request a sample and we’ll get it right out to you – 888.812.4044. Some charges apply.

Does your glow ink really glow?

It sure does! Hold your shirt up to a light source and watch it shine at night. Our glow ink also only comes in the classic glow color. Glow ink does cost a little more because it needs a white under coat to glow brightly (but it’s worth it).

What types of apparel are available?

What sizes are available?

The Gildan and the Youth Gildan T-Shirt, works great for VBS’s especially – it comes is lots of colors and is available in these sizes:

  • Youth Extra Small (2-4)
  • Youth Small (6-8)
  • Youth Medium (10-12)
  • Youth Large (14-16)
  • Adult Small
  • Adult Medium
  • Adult Large
  • Adult XLarge
  • Adult 2XLarge
  • Adult 3XLarge
  • Adult 4XLarge
  • Adult 5XLarge

How long does it take to get T-Shirts?

5-11 days, We print most orders in 3-5 days, and then shipping could add as much as 6 days.

we can get things to you as fast as 48 hours if you need it! (this could include extra shipping charges)

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What are the benefits of ordering from VBS T-Shirts?

Can I change the designs?

Our friendly graphic designers will be happy to change any of the designs on our website in any way you can imagine.

Changing or modifying our designs is always FREE!  We’re always up for a challenge.  Change Any text! Any Colors! Any Design! Add elements, remove elements! you name it!!!

Or – if you want us to create something totally new for you just ask – we would be happy to do it!

Can you tell we are passionate about making great designs for Churches and VBS!

Can I Get Different Color Shirts Within a Single Order?

Yes, Please do!

Different Colored shirts are a great way to identify younger kids from older ones. You could assign each grade their own color if you like!  It sure makes for a colorful VBS!

Another example… Use different colors for your staff: Staff Blue and the Kids Green.  Make it easy for anyone to find someone in charge!

One Note:  Some designs just don’t look good on certain colors but our friendly designers can help you find the colors that work the best for your church : )

In the picture below we used 8 different colors within a single order, each color identified a specific group during vacation bible school.

Bunch of colors


How does the design process work?

Can I print over seams or zippers?

We can’t print over seams or zippers because your design won’t come out just right. The machine needs a flat surface to guarantee a clean even layer of ink. Any uneven surfaces will cause the ink to build up in some places or not print at all in others.

What is the biggest mistake made when ordering T-shirts?