Taking God’s Love to New Frontiers


GiddyUp JunctionIt is a miracle that the Good News spread all over the world. But, how did it happen? Put on your boots and strap on the saddle, we’re headed into the book of Acts to see the news of salvation spread from little Israel through Asia, Africa, Europe and eventually, everywhere. GiddyUp Junction VBS by Regular Baptist Press looks back on early church history to give your kids a great understanding of what evangelism looks like; most importantly, they’ll learn the necessity of evangelism today!


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BIBLE POINT: Through John 15:13, your VBS kids will learn that there’s a new frontier right in front of them, and it’s their responsibility to share God’s love with people who don’t know about Jesus!


At “Post 1” or Day 1, the kids will learn the saving power of the Gospel through Luke and Acts. The Good News changes lives! Then, on Day 2, they’ll learn that God’s love stretches all the way down the trail. The Good News is for everyone! Things will get personal on Day 3, when kids learn that God as deep love for each of them individually. It’s also important to know that even a no-good outlaw can be changed by the Good News! Day 4 teaches that the Good News can reach any heart, even Saul of Tarsus. Finally, on Day 5, your VBS kids will learn that God’s love never fails. God will always forgive when we ask.


RBP designs their GiddyUp Junction VBS’s to always have a gospel message, and this year, it’s accompanied by a strong emphasis on evangelism. It’s never too early to teach your VBS kids about sharing the gospel!

“Our programs are built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach Bible truths using age-appropriate methods.”


“We’re mining God’s word for the treasure inside!”


TWANGY OLD WEST: As expected and hoped for, the music of Giddy-Up Junction is straight out of the Grand Ole Opry. Modern Country is blended with Dolly Parton and Hank Williams sounds to create a swingin’ setlist. Giddyup Junction introduces the theme and sets the stage for the rest of the week. It’s followed by The Old West is a fun, fast-paced to get everyone in the mood to mind for God’s truth. Jump into worship with No Greater Love, which celebrates God’s love and the love we extend to others. Following is a list of all-star clasing worship songs like Blessed Be Your Name, My Savior’s Love, and Christ Has Risen. You can use the traditional piano version, or a country instrumental version; we like both!



EXTRAS: There is no shortage of fun tools and toys at Giddy-Up Junction. Check out just a few of our favorites!


ECUBE CLASSIC: This evangelism tool provides an easy and fun way for kids to share with their friends. Move, shift and fold the block to reveal different points in the Gospel. Help your VBS kids put what they learned into practice!


3D COVERED WAGON CRAFT: Giddy up! Go west in their very own covered wagon. Made with foam and wood and drawn by a gorgeous steed, this 9” wagon will actually roll. This craft is sure to be a highlight!


PLUSH BUFFALO HAT: Get this more-adorable-than-menacing buffalo hat for a leader or leaders in your VBS. This’ll also help with games, skits, or could be a very special prize.


WESTERN RUBBER DUCKIES: A great send-home gift for your younger wranglers. It’ll also serve as a memory tool that parents can use to ask/remind their kids about their week at VBS.


Preorder GiddyUp Junction 2019 VBS by RBP HERE.



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