Let’s go see the King! Over the Moat invites kids to seek what they truly need, the King of all the earth who is their refuge, high, tower, and shield. But there is a great moat separating us from Him. The only way to reach Him is to cross the drawbridge made of wood and nails.


THE EVANGELISTIC VBS: When Regular Baptist Press creates a VBS curriculum, their greatest desire is to go beyond the fun and ensure that the kids understand their need for a savior. Over the Moat strives to offer sound theological foundation for students to understand biblical truths in age-appropriate ways. To that end, the Gospel message threads throughout each lesson. Incidentally, this prompted Child Evangelism Fellowship to recommend Over the Moat for reaching children with the Gospel.


A PERFECT MOAT-APHOR: We see a lot of VBS curriculum, and most are very clever with their biblical tie-ins to a theme. But many times, the theme is a fun idea that struggles to connect the biblical point they’re trying to make. (I can hear my precocious son telling me that using a polar bear as a description of “White as Snow” sinlessness doesn’t apply because polar bears are actually yellow.) Over the Moat, on the other hand, provides a beautiful object lesson that will stick with kids their whole life. The King – a sovereign and faithful ruler, the rock solid castle – a place of safety for those who are welcomed in, the moat – an impassable divide for those on the outside, and the drawbridge – the only way in to meet the King, all piece together cohesively to describe the story of the Gospel for kids and adults of all ages.


Jesus is the Way, the drawbridge to the King!


BIBLE POINT: Through the fun and history surrounding of medieval times, castles, knights, and kings, your kids will learn about God’s love, faithfulness, and Kingship seen in the life of David. On Day 1 we join Samuel as he anoints David as God’s “Chosen.” Day 2 takes us to the battlefield where David is “Empowered” to stand up to the giant enemy of God’s people. We pal around with best friends Jonathan and David on Day 3 to find out that David is “Protected” by God. We meet David on his coronation day when he honors God as he is “Crowned” King over Israel. At last, on Day 5, David praises God whose faithfulness displays that He does all that He “Promised.”


The King of all nations has welcomed us in!


RECREATING MEDIEVAL TIMES: For those used to getting tons of over-the-top set designs from other publisher, Over the Moat doesn’t quite hit the mark with their sets and backdrop designs (not that a great set necessarily makes a great VBS). But that’s OK. The theme is strong, and by empowering the creativity of your volunteers, you’re sure to see an impressive castle rise on your church platform. Collect boxes of all sizes from stores and church member garages, wrap them in gray butcher paper to form your castle’s masonry. There are lots of cool new soft weapons on the market to help arm your knights and maidens, including swords, shields, jousting poles, and even these new soft and safe archery sets.


PRO-TIP: Take a hint from Disney and use forced perspective to make your castle look bigger than it is. Use bigger “bricks” on the bottom layers and smaller bricks up top to fool the eye, especially for those seated on the floor.



EXTRAS: As you and your VBS kids go back in time to the time of castles and kings, knights and maidens, you’ll want to snatch up these fun extras to make your VBS even better.


  • Drawbridge Chain – One of the key moments in the curriculum is when the drawbridge is lowered. You can’t mess this moment up, so make sure you’ve got the right gear and timing to make it happen just right. The drawbridge chain available in the catalog is just long enough to lower your drawbridge.
  • Knights Galore – Huzzah! Check out all the helmets, Knight cutouts, and shields to decorate your king’s court in regal style.
  • Salvation Poster – Why have VBS if you’re not going to use it to lead kids to Christ? The Salvation Poster is a colorful presentation of the Gospel that kids can understand. Hang it in a prominent place and post a prepared adult there everyday to help welcome your new little brothers and sisters in Christ.

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