Mystery Island 2020

Answers in Genesis brings us Mystery Island VBS 2020!


We hope you packed your favorite reef-safe sunscreen! In the summer of 2020, enter an island shrouded in clues and questions. Clues, maps, a big X over the treasure, Mystery Island has got it all. Take your island investigators on a 5-day vacation to track down the one true God, & help them answer questions about who God is, what He’s like and if He really loves us—and we’ll spoil this mystery for you—He does!


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Track Down the One True God

Through God’s Word, your VBS kids will discover important attributes of God, and leave with the treasure of understanding God. Each day begins with the “Islander Assembly” that’ll get your detectives worshiping, praying and ready to hunt down the attribute of God that day.


Day 1 kicks off with ‘God is Great,’ where you’ll study the story of Paul in a City of Idols and learn that God is the one true creator. Book of Jonah is the next lesson, proving that ‘God is Almighty,’ able to do anything on Day 2! ‘God is Ruler’ comes next, highlighting Isaiah’s Vision and God as majestic, perfect, and holy king. Then, Day 4 brings a Gospel-focus to your scavenger hunt. See how ‘God is Emmanuel,’ and came to earth to save His people. Finally, your VBS kids will learn the important lesson that ‘God is Trustworthy,’ and worthy of gratitude, praise and adoration.




You’ll be excited to know that each day is partnered with an animal pal, a treasured verse, apologetic focus, deep sea science and more to make planning easy. And don’t get us started on the Tropical Treats!

“Searching for Ancient Truth, Handed Down to Me and You!”


The music heard on the sandy shores of Mystery Island is a total blast, and all about Jesus! Dance floor-ready contemporary bops will get your VBS kids jumping for Jesus, while traditional hymns help you teach them rich truths about the Bible and the God who made them.



We’ll have more details for Answers VBS’s 2020 theme Mystery Island for you as soon as we can! Bookmark this page, and in the meantime, check out our designs that compliment this tropical theme here!