Life is Wild – God is Good

Start working on your ROAR! Group’s Easy VBS for 2019 is a wild ride through the African Savannah to reveal God’s character of goodness  – and we’re not lion. Rhinos, Giraffes, and Lions illustrate true stories from the Bible that display how good God truly is! (Nahum 1:7)


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God is Good!

BIBLE POINT: Bible points for each day walk through the story of God’s chosen people, the Israelites, to remind your VBS kids again and again that God is good! On Day 1, your kids will meet “Mack,” the white rhinoceros who, through the story of the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, will help kids remember that God is good even when life is unfair. Day 2 introduces “Hooper,” an African hoopoe bird to share about the plagues and reinforce that, when life is scary, God is good. Day 3 brings the story of the Israelites in the wilderness told by “Marge” the cape buffalo, reminding kids of God’s goodness when life goes through changes. “Zion” the Lion helps kids see that even when they’re sad, God’s goodness is still. Day 4 is connected to the Gospel message of Jesus death and resurrection. Finally, on Day 5, “Savanna” the giraffe stands tall with the message that when life is good, God is good, just as he was when the Israelites built a memorial in the desert.


“At Roar, kids explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life.”

MUSIC GONE WILD: We had high expectations for the Group’s VBS music this year, and they did not disappoint. With a mix of modern pop worship and full on safari adventure, the album is ready to bring your VBS to life. Theme song I’m Trusting You sings of God’s goodness through the wild, scary moments of life in classic reggae style. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin makes an appearance in sweet soft rock. Your explorers will sing about remembering “the deeds of the LORD; yes, …[remembering] your wonders of old,” (Ps. 77:11) in pop/rock worship song Thankful. I Will Not Be Afraid will get everyone ready to face the dangers of the African plain ahead. The sun sets on this desert plain with a modern pop jam, Every Good Thing, which celebrates the goodness of life with God. These are just a few of the God-honoring songs you’ll find out on the savannah. Go wild!

“No matter what I’m facing, He’s good in every way!”


EXTRAS: ROAR! is offering some great features and extras to lighten your load as a leader and make VBS wild with fun for your kids.

Gizmos: Using gizmos at the Imagination Station is sure to be a memorable favorite at your ROAR!. Every day, your kids will experience a new science gizmo that matches the bible lesson for that day, like the Hungry Hoopo that jumps up using kinetic energy; as each kid waits nervously, they will remember that even when life is scary and unpredictable, God is good!

Mack Plush: Your kids won’t be the only ones fawning over these adorable plushies of their favorite Rhino, Mack. Add these to your Little Paws Preschool Area for extra cuddliness, or as a gift. (At what age did loving stuffed animals become socially unacceptable? Never!)

Gazelle Bell: This one’s for you, Safari Guides! Refocus your kids or alert them that you’re moving to the next station with pocket size kettlebell. Keep your explorers on track and get them excited about what’s to come!

Disappearing Doodler Pens: Poof! Watch your kid’s reactions when they see their writing disappear before their eyes! You can remind them that joy can disappear when sad things happen in our lives. But as compressed air hits the paper, we remember that the Good News of Jesus can bring it back!

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