Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… Get ready to “survive and thrive’ on a deserted island with Group’s 2018 VBS Theme – “Shipwrecked – Rescued by Jesus.” Your VBS kids will be livin’ like Gilligan on a tropical isle full of fun and adventure. But as the title suggests, life’s hardships demand a rescuer and Group hopes to show kids the way to their one and only rescuer, Jesus Christ. 


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BIBLE POINT: You don’t have to be a grown up to know that everybody experiences storms and shipwrecks in life. But Group’s Shipwrecked VBS teaches your kids that, no matter the circumstance, we can be rescued by Jesus. Each day the Bible Point, Story, and Key Verse throw them a line. On Day 1, a Leopard named Hope spots the truth that Jesus rescues when we’re lonely. Beacon the toucan learns on Day 2 that worrying leads to more worrying unless we let Jesus save the day. Day 3 introduces us to Rae the manta ray who teaches us that when we struggle, Jesus rescues. Then on Day 4, kids meet Guac the iguana who finds out that Jesus rescues when we do wrong. And finally, on Day 5, Moe the sloth shares (slowly) that when we’re powerless Jesus rescues!

“Through every storm of life, I know you’re by my side, so I am holding onto your promises!”

TOTALLY WOW WORSHIP: Here at VBS T-Shirts, we listen to a lot of music all day long. It’s usually a mix of modern worship, 80s pop, and beach/surf music, so we had high hopes for the Shipwrecked VBS music and songs. For the most part it didn’t disappoint. Never Let Go Of Me, the theme song, is a sweeping epic, kind of like Toto’s Africa, with a bright afro-caribbean sound that calls kids to cling to God’s promises. We loved the classic hymn Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus appropriately kicking back with an island jam twist. My Lighthouse takes an island/country turn and reminds us that Jesus is a light in the darkness calling us to follow. You’ll think Bob Marley and Bobby McFerrin got together for a mashup of their most famous songs in the feel-good reggae Won’t Worry Bout A Thing. The stomp/clap anthem of Eye of the Storm and the pretty ballad, Rescue Me, round out a very fun and God-honoring VBS soundtrack that kids and parents will love. 

“Rescued by Jesus”

GOD SIGHTINGS: One of our favorite features of Group VBS every year is their focus on God Sightings.” Teach your kids to keep their eyes out for clues that God is near and active in their lives. It’s a focus we as adults need to be reminded of everyday, so it’s good to help our kids start young. What’s extra special with Shipwrecked is the perfect visual tie-in they created to help kids remember. The theme story has our ship stranded on an island with our sail all full of holes. With each God Sighting, kids are encouraged to affix a Sail Sticker” patch to the sail. As God makes himself known, our sail gets mended and soon we’ll experience his rescue!

PRO-TIP: As parents, we want our kids to notice God’s direct actions in their lives, but unless we’re keeping our eyes out for him, they’re not going to see them either. Parents have to be there to see and share with their kids. Educate parents about the God Sightings concept before VBS starts so they can pray and ask for wisdom to see what God is doing in the lives of their kids. 

EXTRAS: We get so excited about all the fun extras offered by Group to undergird their theme and the message. Snatch up these castaway curiosities!
  • Sciency-Fun Gizmos™ Kids love crafts, but these days they like science more. Group collected a whole pile of fun and funny gadgets to drive home the Bible. The Lost-and-Found Flyer will do what it’s name says fly up in the air and get lost. But the best one is the Ready Rescuer a funky robot diving hook that moves up and down in a water bottle based on pressure. Pretty cool.
  • Castaway Logbook One of the challenges we face as leaders is to send the message of VBS home. The 48-page booklet is an activity booklet that kids, parents, and leaders will love. Featuring activities to do at VBS and home, and 2 stories from the Friends With God Story Bible this full color book is a must have for Shipwrecked VBS.
  • Plush Sloth Get ready to melt into a puddle. The sloth plush toy is about the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen. He’ll make a perfectly slow resident for your sloth sanctuary but don’t leave him lonely. Get a couple more of his sluggishly cuddly buddies to triple the fun.


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