The top Vacation Bible School publishers have been working hard to bring you some of the best VBS curriculum yet! Your church may be the type that “always uses the same publisher,” or maybe you curriculum-hop. Either way, there’s so much to choose from, it’s worth looking into each to see what they have to offer.


Most importantly, it displays the fact that there are a whole lot of churches like yours who believe in the importance of child evangelism. We hope this full list of VBS publishers and 2018 Vacation Bible School themes – including in-depth reviews of each one – will be a great help as you make your decision.


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Shipwrecked VBS - Group Publishing

When the troubles of life leave us on a shore of loneliness and fear, Jesus comes to rescue us! On this tropical isle full of fun and adventure, your VBS kids will learn to survive and thrive!


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Game On! VBS - LifeWay Christian Resources

Get ready to gear up for life’s big game! This VBS promises to unite everyone from the “offensive line, sideline, and drumline” to celebrate God’s game-winning power.


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Time Lab VBS - Answers VBS

Hop in your time machine to discover Jesus “from eternity past to eternity future!” Time Lab VBS is loaded with surprises and hard truth your kids will love to learn.


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Amped VBS - Orange VBS

Get radical and live life fully alive with Orange’s 2018 extreme sports themed VBS. Highlighting cool sports like snowboarding, surfing, and BMX, kids will learn to live life to the full!


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Splash Canyon VBS - Concordia Publishing House

Life is a wild ride and Splash Canyon is no different. Your VBS kids will soak up God’s love no matter the rough ride in life ahead. All of God’s promises are “yes” in Christ Jesus!


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Camp Moose On The Loose - Regular Baptist Press

Let’s head for the hills to Camp Moose On The Loose! Kids will discover God’s forever forgiveness as they explore the truth that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose again.


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Babylon VBS - Group

The caravan awaits! Come with Daniel and his friends to exile in Babylon where true courage will soon be revealed. Tons of cool immersive activities and stories will bring the story to life.


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24/7 VBS - Abingdon Press

Abingdon’s unique program presents life lessons from real African-American “waymakers” who can show students how God’s Spirit opens doors through forgiveness and the love of Jesus.


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Rolling River Rampage VBS - Cokesbury

Get ready for the wettest ride in the wilderness. Travel the river ride of a lifetime and find adventure, acceptance, joy, rest, and peace in the shelter of God’s great love.


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Jungle River Adventure VBS - Bogard Press

There’s adventure ahead kids, so get ready to ride the current to God’s perfect plan! As your kids paddle the green jungle waters they’ll learn about the Apostle Paul’s own daring adventure.


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Polar Blast VBS - Group

Let’s get chill! This icy-cold weekend VBS will introduce your kids to the truth of God’s Word. They’ll chill with friends and warm up to Jesus, “the coolest friend of all.” Bring a friend!


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