Focus 2020

See What Matters Most with Orange VBS!

When did you last get your eyes checked? In the summer of 2020, open your eyes and look around at the wonders of God! With Hebrews 12:2 as theme verse and plenty of awesome bible stories with Jesus as the focal point, your sight-seers will take a closer look at their Savior, how to serve Him and serve others. Let’s Focus on what matters most!


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Until 9 AM PST on June 5th, preorder Focus for on sale for $159 HERE!


Trust in What You Can’t See

Orange will follow their classic curriculum format: hear, pray, talk, live. This is an awesome way to showcase and teach every aspect of Christian faith to your young lookers.


Day 1 kicks off showing us how focusing on Jesus helped keep Peter above the water in Matthew 14:22-34. Next, Day 2, look at the Wise and Foolish Builders in Matthew 7, and teach your kids to hear from God in Scripture. Day 3 is all about praying anytime, anywhere at any time to our Great High Priest in Hebrews 4.  This will be their heaviest gospel-focused day. Day 4 brings in community, teaching kids to talk with others about who God is and what they believe. One of Orange’s curriculum announcers said, “When we dialogue about our faith, we discover more about our faith.”  Finally, Day 5 is about living for God every day, and loving others through our most important commandment in Matthew 22.


Focus features different symbols of focusing, like binoculars, eye spy, optical illusions, telescopes, even 3-d glasses! Your VBS kids will get to flex their focus muscles and see Jesus better!




We’ll have more details for Orange’s  2020 theme Focus for you as soon as we can! Bookmark this page, and in the meantime, check out our designs that compliment Orange’s 2019 VBS theme HERE