Super Training University with JesusSuper Training University with Jesus VBS Review


Supernatural powers with a truly awesome origin story: Jesus Christ. At Urban Ministries Incorporated’s Super Training University with Jesus, young superheroes will learn to gain strength in various ways though the full armor of God. Founded in Ephesians 6:11, S.T.U. will teach your VBS kids will be challenged to put on their armor and “stand up against the wiles of the devil.”


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Understanding the Super Power of Jesus Today


BIBLE POINT: Through the Armor of God, your heroes will learn to master the powers of praise, prayer, boldness, truth, and justice. Show your kids how to be the best Hero to others they can be, too!



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This is a unique, 10-day program (don’t worry, it can be condensed to a 5-day too!) packed with lessons from all over the Scriptures. The program looks like this:


Day 1: Trust! Genesis 39 teaches that superheroes depend on God.

Day 2: Superheroes are bold! Learn to take courage from Numbers 27.

Day 3: There is great power in prayer. 2 Kings teaches us that Superheroes need God’s help.

Day 4: Superheroes fight for justice! Exodus 3 teaches about determination and justice.

Day 5: Most importantly, Heroes seek salvation through Jesus Christ (Luke 10).

Day 6: Look at John 4. There, you’ll find evidence that Superheroes worship God in spirit and truth. 

Day 7: Witness! Sharing the Good News is essential to hero-hood (Mark 5)

Day 8: We fly over to Acts 3 to learn that superheroes praise God.

Day 9: Everyone needs help. 1 Samuel shows a hero’s duty to protect and defend others.

Day 10: Acts 18 teaches that superheroes are faithful workers for all of their days!


We have a divine and important calling as children of God, and Super Training University captures that very well. Sula the Bold One, Tommy the Prayer Warrior, Torrin the Truth and Aki the Counselor show us that it’s a privilege and great responsibility, and we all need guidance!


“Have no fear,  I have gifted all of your armor!”


MUSIC:  We’ve only gotten a taste of the Music for Super Training University with Jesus, but their theme song Your Armor is an excellently composed song, telling the story of kids using their own strength to fight battles, and failing. Then, they go to God and ask for help and learn that “With Your armor, I can walk further and walk further, stand taller, be a superhero!” This song captures the theme perfectly, and will inspire your young heroes-in-training as they grow. We certainly anticipate the release of the rest of the S.T.U. worship CD!


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EXTRAS: Ka-Pow! Suit up and train to save the world (the Jesus way!) with awesome extras. Here are some of our favorites!


POWER SHIELD: For a week of superhero training, you need practice tools! So, grab some inflatable shields for your VBS kids to prepare resisting the devil and his schemes.


PLIABLE SUPERHERO TOY: This Gumby-like toy is an awesome send-home gift to help your heroes remember their training. Each one has an encouraging verse on the cape.



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