Free VBS T-Shirt Designs

Do you need a free VBS T-shirt design? All of our vacation bible school T-shirt designs are available to anyone who asks. We are all striving for the same purpose, impacting children for Christ.  We would love it if you used us to print your T-Shirts, but we realize that sometimes you may have someone in your church willing to give you free t-shirts for your VBS or some other good reason you can't use our services. The truth is, our main purpose is to make your Vacation Bible School as effective as possible.  Send us an e-mail if you would like to request a file of any of our designs shown on the website for free.  If you would like we can send the files directly… Read more »

Coloring Page VBS Shirt

A Coloring Page VBS Shirt:  Sally in Alabama had the amazing idea of creating a white T-Shirt with just the black and white outline of her VBS design and then she is going to have the kids color and decorate their shirts as part of craft time! It's like a coloring page right on your VBS T-Shirt!  This is genius for so many reasons... First,  she saved about $2.00 per shirt from what she would have spent to make these with full color on a brightly colored shirt.  Second, she created a craft that the kids are going to love....  What's better than wearing your craft home!  Third, each one of these children is going to be able to participate in creating part of their VBS,… Read more »

VBS T-Shirts 2013

  This year Kingdom Rock and Colossal Coaster World seem to be the most popular VBS programs around. We have created about 100 base designs with dozens of variations on each one.  The best part is that once your customizations are done on your design no two designs look the same because there are literally millions of combinations that we can create for your VBS. If you don't see a design you like, just give us a call, talk to one of our designers and tell them what you want your Kingdom Rock or Colossal Coaster World design to look like.   Once we know what your looking for the friendly design team here at VBS T shirts will go to work creating something just for you.… Read more »

Is VBS still Relevant?

Yes!  As if you don't know this from your own expierences I found these amazing statistics from Christian Retailing... "LifeWay Christian Resources reported that in 2007, 26% of the baptisms performed in all churches of the Southern Baptist Convention came through VBS programs, with 26,502 churches presenting a VBS program and a total enrollment of almost 3 million. Of those attending, 94,980 made decisions for Christ. Secular media competition for kids’ time and interest means that VBS themes and quality have become increasingly important, said Jody Brolsma, senior editor, VBS, for Group Publishing. More and more, leaders are asking what they can do “to capture the imaginations” of the children in their churches. Churches are taking advantage of digital technology to aid them in VBS promotion and implementation.… Read more »