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Ways to save on VBS T-Shirts: Here are 8 ways to save on VBS t-shirts this year.  Depending on the needs of your Vacation Bible School there are many ways to save money when it comes time to order your VBS shirts!
1. Use Your Designer: All Design is free – so use that to your advantage.  If you have settled on a design you like, let the designer know that you like the design… Ask if they have any suggestions on changes that would save you money?  You would be surprised at how creative they can be.  If you like the design but would like to further reduce the price of your shirts ask your designer to show you how the design would look with fewer colors –  that will save you big time!

2. Combine Staff and Kids Shirts: If you need staff shirts and kids shirts for your VBS, consider printing the same design but use different colored shirts to visually separate the two.  By using the same design you get the better quantity discount, for example 25 Staff shirts, and 75 kids shirts, you get the 100 price for all of them and that adds up to big savings.  Another big bonus is that if makes it so easy to identify your staff from the kids just based on the color of the shirts they are wearing.

3. Price Breaks: Always check the price breaks.  If you need 45 shirts, its going to be less expensive to order 50!  This is also a time to consider ordering extra shirts.  If you need 6 more shirts 1 week before VBS starts it’s going to cause you stress and cost more than it will to order extra shirts now when you have the better bulk pricing working to your advantage.

4. Fewer Ink Colors: The number of ink colors plays a big role in the final price of your VBS shirts.  We can add or remove colors to any of our designs to fit your budget and design sense!  This is a big one, ask your friendly designer to show you some options of your chosen design with fewer colors in the design – you might be surprised how much it saves you.

5. Less Expensive Shirts:  There are lighter weight shirts that cost a bit less too.  5.4oz rather than 6.1oz.  A small difference can add up – but the color available may vary so check with your designer to make sure the color you want for VBS is available in the less expensive shirts.  This can add up to hundreds of dollars on larger orders.

6. White Shirts: White T-Shirts are less expensive and easier to print than colored shirts so you get a discount for printing on white shirts as opposed to another color.  When you take into account the lower printing costs and the lower blank t-shirt costs this can lead to big savings.

7. Let Shirt Colors Work For You: Combine staff and kids shirts by using the same design but on different colored shirts.  Find a single design that can work for both staff and kids.  Then you can get one color for your staff and a second color for the kids.  This way you are actually turning two small orders into one big order.

Bunch of colors

Add some color to your VBS without costing a bit.  We have done as many as 10 different shirt colors for 1 church, and the results were amazing!  How do you want to use different color shirts in your VBS? different colors for age group, or just divide the older kids from the younger, or boys from girls, whatever you need for your program we are happy to accommodate.

Sometimes shirt colors don’t work well with specifc designs, but we can advise you on what colors to avoid or adjust the artwork to work

This is a picture of some shirts we did for a church that wanted 8 colors for the kids, Pretty fun!


8. Coordinate for Price Breaks: We treat your whole church as one customer, so partner up for overall T-Shirt savings! Order 3 times or more per year get bumped to a new price break tier. That means your VBS T-Shirts + Summer Camp T-Shirts + Mission Trip T-shirts = big savings for your church as a whole.

As you can see, by combining even a few of these ideas you can drastically lower your overall cost of getting beautiful vbs t-shirts for your vacation bible school.



3 comments on “Ways To Save
  1. SHYLA ALLEN says:

    Hi, I would like to know can the design be purchased as an iron on as well! If not can I order 7-10 or is the minimun 25?

  2. Tara Walzel says:

    Can we purchase the design as an iron-on??

    • Don Kick says:

      Unfortunately, we screenprint everything directly. If you are ordering 25 or more shirts it’s more cost effective.

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