Get ready to climb the steep and curving paths into the clouds to discover ruins at Machu Picchu. Passport to Peru brings your VBS kids face to face with the many good gifts God gives to each one of us. 



MUSIC: There’s something breathtaking about the music of the pan flute, especially the style that comes from the mountains in South America. The Passport to Peru theme song (All That is Good) captures the same warmth and joy of the Andes for your daily praise and worship times. Kids will love the bouncy modern twist on this traditional style. It Is Well With My Soul is a surprising addition to an upbeat VBS playlist, but with the theme of gratitude for God’s gifts, it couldn’t be more appropriate.

All that is good, comes from above!


BIBLE POINT: The main theme of Passport to Peru is to be grateful for God’s good gifts. On your journey into the high country, you’re joined by 5 fun pals to help drive the theme home. Lola the Llama starts it off on Day 1 sharing that God gives us comfort (Have you ever felt Llama’s wool? That’s comfort!). Day 2 introduces us to Rico the grinning rooster. He helps us remember that God gives us patience. On Day 3, Señor Pescado (a catfish) demonstrates that God gives us peace. Day 4 features a cute, cuddly, and – if you’re aware of what they eat in Peru – tasty friend named Charo who squeeks, “God gives us love.” At last, Paco the Parrot greets us with a phrase your kids will repeat until next year’s VBS, “God gives us joy!” Despite the creepiness of two of the pals being considered delicacies in Peru, these may be Group’s most enduring characters yet.


KIDVID: Group’s “Cross Cultural VBS” series keeps getting better, especially with the addition of true stories from kids in the country. Your kids will get a front row seat into the lives of five Peruvian youngsters who tell their incredible stories of life in Peru. You’ll immediately notice how different their lives are from your own kids – some live in the jungle and others at the tops of mountains. At the same time, you’ll be struck by how similar their lives really are. It’s so important to give our own kids a broad view of the world and how God gives good gifts to all of His children, even on the other side of the world.


Discovering God’s good gifts!


INCAN EATS: Okay, let’s be honest. The best part about traveling anywhere is the food. Passport to Peru doesn’t disappoint as it introduces kids (and leaders) to some of the favorite foods of kids in Peru. For instance, who would have thought that one of the top foods in Peru is french fries?? It might not be polite to play with your food, but leaders can turn snack time into an object lesson with awesome tie-ins to the theme. Keep in mind, some of the more adventurous Dads in your church might become inspired to barbecue some cuy (guinea pig is the dish Peru is most known for) for a taste test. This might freak out your kids a bit (not to mention the local pet store).


PRO-TIP: Take your snacking up a notch by providing real snacks from Peru. Start searching the web now for snacks and treats that you can order (check out the gourmet goodies at If you have a local Peruvian restaurant, ask them for some tips. If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, ask for their Peruvian Inca corn snack or find a local equivalent. Make this the tastiest VBS yet!






EXTRAS: LifeWay’s essentials pack is loaded with good stuff for your VBS, including the super cool moulded plastic telescope case it comes in. We picked our favorites and hope it helps you as you prepare for Galactic Starveyors at your church:

  • Digital Edition – Welcome to the future! Pick up the digital edition and get all the content on one small, Peru-themed thumb drive. Just be careful not to leave it in your jeans on wash day…
  • God Sightings – It’s so important that our kids learn to be aware of God’s presence in their day-to-day lives. Passport to Peru encourages leaders to mark the moments when kids spot expressions of God’s love during VBS. The fiesta flowers available from the kit are a colorful reminder to keep our eyes open for God’s love.
  • Shipibo Gift Boxes – One of the most unique extra items is the Shipibo Gift Box craft. These simple color and fold crafts tell the story about how the Shipibo tribes came to understand the truth of the Gospel through their own craftsmanship and storytelling traditions.

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