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The Valiant Knights of North Castle are here!

The Knights of North Castle are on an important quest to find the King’s Armor! They’ll fight the snowy mountains and castle mazes by using the the King’s Book for guidance. With Cokesbury’s 2020 VBS curriculum, your knights will discover that the King’s armor is made of something stronger than iron and chain.  They might also get help from a certain friendly dragon!


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Quest for the King’s Armor

Your Knights know they need the King’s Armor, but it’s not what they thing it is. Every day, your VBS kids will consult the King’s Book for guidance, then set out on a journey to find another piece of the the Full Armor of God, the King. On Day 1,  face the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and take up the Belt of Truth! Next, put on Justice as you see David defeat Goliath! Learn Peace with Mary as she travels to Bethlehem on Day 3. See faith acted out when Jesus walks on water on Day 4. Finally, discover the Helmet of Salvation with Paul and Silas while they praise God at midnight.



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Here’s a sneak peak at what one of our designers (Andy) has been working on. Not sure if we can wait for 2020!


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Pretty, ain’t it?