Go Fish! VBS 2019 – Backstage with the Bible

Backstage with the Bible


Your VBS kids will get VIP access to Bible truth with Go Fish’s flagship VBS in 2019, Backstage with the Bible! The Bible and its stories are star-material, and your kids will discover what it’s like backstage with the Bible’s biggest names. They’ll gain a high view of Scripture, and get a clear picture of the Gospel with this curriculum.



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BIBLE POINT: The Bible is an exciting treasure, and its stories are true. Go Fish designed this curriculum to help churches give kids “a high view of scripture while clearly presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Kids can use their VIP passes and bibles to get into special areas of your campus, and will learn the books of the Bible and the Ten Commandments every day during worship.

“God loves you the way you are. To Him, you’re a superstar!”


TWISTIN’ GROOVIN’ WORSHIP: The music of Backstage with the Bible is playfully nostalgic, fusing 60’s pop sounds with modern a cappella. Your kids will be doing the twist and learning about God’s glory through history at the same time! The setlist starts with Stories, a whimsical Pentatonix-esque tune about hall-of-fame Bible stories of Jonah, Zacchaeus, David, and more. Then Superstar brings the theme to life and celebrates God’s love in a 90s pop way with record scratches and sweet falsetto backup vocals.

Bubblegum pop joins up with country twang in Saved, packed with solid theology about sin, justification and salvation by grace through faith alone. Next, Bible Book Bop will have everyone singing the books of the Bible from start to finish to the tune of Beach Boys’s Barbara Ann. Then Groove on the stage to the Ten Commandment Boogie. Lastly, encore with the classic B-I-B-L-E, infused with lyrics encouraging kids to love the Word of God. This soundtrack is worshipful, jam-packed with great memorization tools, and totally a blast.


All about the Gospel


NO FLUFF HERE: Go Fish’s 2019 VBS is distinct for its no fluff approach. In other words, they’re not trying to tell a large story, except the stories that already exist in God’s Word. Your kids will be getting up close to the Bible’s celebrities with their VIP passes. They’ll use their bibles to understand the big Gospel picture and how it applies to them! On Day 1, they’ll see how God created us in his image with Exodus 1. Then, on Day 2, “The Ten Commandments,” they’ll learn about how their sin makes us fall short.

On Day 3 “The Cross,” they’ll get the Good News about Jesus’s birth, death and resurrection through Matthew. On Day 4, “Saved by Grace Through Faith,” they’ll learn about salvation through Mark 10. Finally, on Day 5, Matthew 28 will teach your kids about evangelism and making disciples. With “Backstage with the Bible” churches can get back to basics with their children and establish a firm foundation of truth!


EXTRAS: Backstage access comes with perks! Check out Go Fish’s VIP extras:

Backstage with the Bible CDs: Send your superstars home with CDs of all the groovy tunes they sang at VBS, so they can rehearse at home, in the car, and never forget the truths they learned. The handy memorization songs will have them reciting the Books and Ten Commandments in no time.

Backstage VIP Pass and Lanyards: These super cool exclusive VIP passes become the key to exciting bible stories and locations at your church. Also, they double as name tags (wink wink, leaders).

Backstage Promotional Poster: Spread the Word! The Bible’s biggest names are coming to your church! Promote your VBS with official Go Fish concert posters.

Backstage Rotation Poster Pack: Designate VIP, backstage, set design, and other special areas of your church with official signs. These are sure to create a buzz before your kids get backstage!


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