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Time Won’t Wait. Let’s start your design!

Your first step is to request a mock up of your own one-of-a-kind VBS t-shirt design. Choose a design you like, then tell us a little about your needs and ideas for the perfect time machine theme VBS t-shirts. Your dedicated designer will send your mockup within 2 business days. You’re gonna love how easy this is!

Free Design

Need a creative boost? Free VBS shirt designs is part of the deal. Every shirt you order is custom designed just for you. All of our templates can be customized or modified to fit your precise needs. Need one-of-a-kind artwork? You and your vbsTshirts designer can work together create amazing time machine theme VBS t-shirts from scratch. Did we mention design is FREE?

Your Guarantee

Is custom t-shirt ordering new to you? Fear not. We got your back. Our simple process ensures you’ll get exactly what you wanted, in all the colors and sizes you ask for, right when you need them! And our t-shirts come with this guarantee: If your time machine theme VBS t-shirts aren’t just right or arrive late, we WILL make it right! Sound good? Time’s a wastin’! Let’s do this.

We Love Your VBS

We can’t thank you enough for your ministry to the kids in your community. With decades of kids ministry experience, we’re fully aware of the challenges you face every week. So we strive to give you the very best custom-designed VBS t-shirts you can get, without any stress! That’s our ministry to you. By the way, don’t forget to send us some pics of your shirts in action so we can celebrate with you!

Free Shipping

With vbsTshirts’ FREE ground service, your order will arrive at your door in 2 weeks or less. Do you need it quicker than that? “Rush Service” lands within 8 days. Still not soon enough? “Miracle Delivery” drops in 3-6 days! Order time applies to orders shipped within the 48 contiguous States. Call for details at 1-888-812-4044, or visit our shipping & delivery page.