2017 brings some fresh and exciting new Vacation Bible School themes from the top publishers. Each year they vie for the attention of churches across the country, offering the best kids’ programming and Christian education available. If you take a birds-eye view of all of these amazing offerings, you can’t help but be impressed by the talent and faithfulness of so many creative sisters and brothers who have dedicated their lives to providing churches with helpful tools they need for child-evangelism.


As you search for the VBS curriculum most appropriate for your church, we hope this complete list will be a great help in your decision.

Maker Fun Factory VBS - Group Publishing

Where do we come from? And why? Your VBS kids will tap into their creativity as inventors in a fascinating, hands-on workshop where they’ll discover they were lovingly created by God for a unique purpose.


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Galactic Starveyors VBS - LifeWay Christian Resources

Turn your telescopes to the night sky and join the Galactic Starveyors from their backyard clubhouse where your VBS kids will explore the vastness of space to learn about the infinite God who wants a personal relationship with them.


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Operation Arctic VBS - Answers VBS

Let’s head north to the coolest place to explore the coolest book on the planet – The Bible! Operation Arctic takes your kids to the top of the world and encourages them to dig deep into God’s amazing Word.


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Mighty Fortress VBS - Concordia Supply

In Mighty Fortress VBS, your kids will find themselves within the walls of a medieval castle to learn that God will be their refuge and strength – the foundation, fortress, and defense they can rely on!


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Gadgets & Gizmos VBS - Orange

Each one of your VBS kids were uniquely made in God’s image to display His power to a world that needs to see Him! Join Gadget & Gizmo as they explore an amazing world of creativity and power in Christ.


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Passport To Peru VBS - Group Publishing

Get ready to climb the steep and curving paths into the clouds to discover ruins at Machu Picchu. Passport to Peru brings your VBS kids face to face with the many good gifts God gives to each one of us.


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Rome VBS - Group Publishing

Travel back in time to relive the book of Acts side by side with the Apostle, Paul! With “Rome, Paul and the Underground Church, your kids will find themselves living as an ancient Roman witnessing some of the early church’s historic moments which laid a foundation for our faith today!


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Conquer the Day VBS - MEGA Sports Camp

Get your kids off the couch and onto the field with this unique sports-themed take on the traditional Vacation Bible School. Victory is the goal in sports and in life and your VBS kids will discover that they are more than conquerers through Jesus!


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Hero Central VBS - Cokesbury

What this city needs is a new kind of hero! At Hero Central, kids will “discover their strength in God” by soaring into stories of Bible heroes who display the character qualities that make us truly heroic under Christ.


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Over the Moat VBS - Regular Baptist Press

Let’s go see the King! Over the Moat invites kids to seek what they truly need, the King of all the earth who is their refuge, high, tower, and shield. But there is a great moat separating us from Him. The only way to reach Him is to cross the drawbridge made of wood and nails.


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Super God! VBS - Abingdon Press

Empower your students, young and old, to stand strong in God’s Word and display His power in their community. “Super God! Super Me! Super Possibility!” unpacks the whole armor of God and the biblical heroes who used it for the whole family!


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Victory VBS - Go Fish Resources

Get on your feet! Get loud! And praise the victory of our God! Your VBS is about to get noisy as kids jump, stomp, clap and celebrate God’s triumph over the world. This is much better than cheering on your favorite team, because God always wins!


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