The world’s best Vacation Bible School publishers have outdone themselves in 2019 by producing some of the best VBS curriculum to date! Whether your church always sticks with your go-to publisher or you’re a curriculum-hopper, there’re tons to choose from this year. Take time to look into each one to find the perfect theme for your VBS kids.


We hope this exhaustive list of the 2019 Vacation Bible School themes – including in-depth reviews of each one – will help you as you make your decision. What we love most is that there are so many kids ministries like yours who are so committed to child evangelism.


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Roar! VBS - Group Publishing

Get ready to ROAR! Your VBS kids explore the goodness of God and the power of ferocious faith. Meet some amazing African animals that illustrate how good God truly is!


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In The Wild VBS - LifeWay

Kids will take their cameras into the wild to capture pics of God’s most exotic creatures. Along the way, they’ll have amazing encounters with the one who created them all, Jesus!


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The Incredible Race VBS - Answers VBS

Ready. Set. Go!! Race around the world to “explore God’s love for the Nations!” Discover that we’re all part of one incredible race descended from the first man and woman.


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To Mars & Beyond VBS - Cokesbury

Blast off into a wide universe of discovery and introduce your VBS kids to the God who does exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think. Takes a journey beyond the stars.


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Power Up VBS - Orange VBS

Ready, Player One? “Level Up” with Bible content that points kids to relationship with God. Kids will know that God’s power gives them everything they need to lead a godly life.


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Athens VBS - Group

Follow the Apostle Paul on his journey to the ancient city of Athens. Kids will love the true-life adventures Paul experienced as he traveled the known world to tell people about Jesus.


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Miraculous Mission - Concordia Publishing

It’s a space mission with a twist as the God of the Universe sends his Son to save the world. Your kids will learn of God’s great big love that crosses galaxies to save them (John 3:16).


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Farm Fresh Faith VBS - Bogard Press

Kids learn that God (like a good farmer) cares for His own with faithfulness that reaches the clouds – just like He did for Joseph! Tons of  barnyard fun and Gospel truth.


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Backstage with the Bible VBS - Go Fish!

Your VBS kids will get VIP access to Bible truth with Go Fish’s flagship VBS in 2019, Backstage with the Bible! They’ll gain a high view of Scripture with the Bible’s biggest names.


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Whooosh VBS - Abingdon Press

God has done amazing things for His people! This year with Whooosh VBS, Abingdon Press celebrates how God has been faithful and monuments have been built to remember.


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Super Training University with Jesus - Urban Ministries

At Urban Ministries’s Super Training University with Jesus, young superheroes will learn to gain strength in various ways though the full armor of God.


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GiddyUp Junction - Regular Baptist Press

GiddyUp Junction VBS  looks back on early church history to see what evangelism looks like and learn the necessity of evangelism today!


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MEGA Sports Camp: FUNdamentals - My Healthy Church

Through the story of Nehemiah and the Israelite’s brave mission to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, kids will learn that good FUNdamentals lead to victory.


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