Answers VBS 2019 – The Incredible Race

Check back soon as we prepare a full review of Answers’ VBS for 2019: The Incredible Race – Exploring God’s Love for the Nations. Here you’ll find the Bible focus, craft and games reviews and great ideas for your 2019 VBS.


Answers VBS

Exploring God’s Love for the Nations

You’re off on a race around the world to “explore God’s love for the Nations!” The Tower of Babel leads us to discover we’re all part of one incredible race of people descended from Adam and Eve. Your Vacation Bible School will answer a ton of important questions your kids (and church) are asking today.


“A race filled with fun clues to find, loaded with interesting challenges to attempt, and a global scavenger hunt like you’ve never seen.”


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2019 The Incredible Race VBS Review

Every year, we dig into all the VBS curriculum, programs, and themes to give you everything you need to know to choose the perfect VBS for your church.


The Incredible Race VBS by AnswersVBS is an exciting theme taking its cue from some of the globetrotting TV reality shows where players chase clues and challenges around the world. But the theme contains a beautiful twist. The “race” in the title also refers to the human race, revealing that we’re all descended from Adam, divided at Babel, and united under our need for a Savior.


On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Every day, VBS kids will speed to locations around the world to learn how the Tower of Babel affected mankind in ancient history and still impacts people today. On Day 1, kids will race through Genesis to learn about the world ‘before Babel’–Creation, the Fall, and the Flood. Day 2 brings the roadblock of Babel where language was confused and people were dispersed around the globe. Then on Day 3, kids will see how mankind is not made up of many different races, but one race, created in God’s own image. Day 4 introduces kids to Jesus, the Savior of the World who reaches out to all nations offering a way to be saved from the brokenness of sin. At last, Day 5 wraps up the meaning of Babel for people today. Because God loves us, we ought to love others, no matter what they look like or where they came from.


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