Alpine Ascent 2020

Find Strength in God’s Word

Get your snow boots on, we’re climbing up snowy alpines to get a better view of God and how to serve him! With theme verse Luke 9:23, your kids will learn what it means to come after Jesus, and how to navigate the slopes of service, evangelism, trials and all!


Every year, we dig into all the VBS curricula, programs, and themes to give you everything you need to know to choose the perfect VBS for your church. Check back soon for an in-depth review of Alpine Ascent!


Watch their first promo video HERE.


Be Ready!


Snow-ready animated emojis introduce each day’s theme and lesson in the Alpine Ascent. On Day 1, students will learn to always “Be Ready” to serve the Lord. Next, your mountaineers will learn that those who love God will “Be Obedient” to Him. Day 3 follows with “Be Faithful,” which shows VBS kids to stay firm even during trials. “Be Bold” comes next, highlighting the importance of evangelism. Finally, Day 5 ends with an encouragement to “Be Courageous” with Christ in the face of evil.


Each day’s lesson is grounded in a bible story. When your VBS-ers learn about obedience on Day 1, they’ll zoom into Ruth’s story of trusting God and following him even when she wasn’t sure of the future.



We’ll have more details for Bogard Press’s 2020 VBS Alpine Ascent for you as soon as we can! Bookmark this page, and in the meantime, check out our designs that compliment this snowy mountain theme here!