God’s Amazing Work at VBS 2019

God's Work at VBS 2019So, did it fly by?
VBS 2019 is on its last leg and it’s hard to believe, even for us. Our team has enjoyed months talking with you VBS coordinators and staff about your theme, preparation and prayers for the kids of your church. 
A few weeks ago, you shared stories about the amazing work God is doing in your church. Conversions, baptisms, stories of unbelievable provision—we were so encouraged and can’t wait to share it with you.

What did God do at VBS 2019?

Churches, we rejoice with you in the salvation of so many young ones this year. Leslie Dick from Wesley United Methodist Church told us that God brought 150 kids through their doors, and Cassandra Park from Crane Eater Community Church got to see “10 kids who gave their lives to the Lord for the first time and many who rededicated themselves.” Samantha Firkins from Lee Street Baptist echoed the same praise, along with so many others. We know that, for all the work VBS takes and effort you exert, if even one person comes to know the Lord, it’s all worth it.


TCGS Cherry Hill VBS Volunteers

VBS Volunteers at TCGS Cherry Hil

Outreach was another recurring theme in your stories. Many of your themes featured evangelism, mission work and ministering to people all over the world with food and support; Carol from Faith Community Church told us that the “children’s hearts were open and filled with compassion to share with the less fortunate and provide over 11,000 meals.” Stephanie Claye let us know that God brought all ages of the Presbyterian Church of the Master congregation together to love on 253 kids. We heard another report of a church “able to raise over $500 to support an international missionary family.” Wow! Fairy Hattan told us that her church, Aurora EV Free Church, only has a small number of children, “but we had 52 children come through our doors for VBS, so it was a great outreach!”

Provision after Disaster

Lynn Haven after Hurricane Michael Destroyed their Roof

Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. This truth surely rings in your ears for unique reasons, especially coming off of a huge project like VBS. For Bobbie Copsey and Lynn Haven United Methodist Church, God provided above and beyond their needs in the wake of Category 5 Hurricane Michael last October. Both of their church campuses suffered major damage, leaving them with nowhere to worship and nowhere for VBS. A school in their area—though, under construction itself—offered them their facilities to Lynn Haven to meet. When VBS season approached, the Church had faith that God would provide for their needs. Sure enough, God prompted the school administrator to offer their school facilities for VBS. 

God provides a place for VBS 2019.

Preparing for VBS in an under-construction facility with no supplies was a great challenge, but God (being rich in mercy) would not allow his plan to be stopped. Churches in the area offered decoration supplies, church members volunteered and the children came. Bobbie told us this wonderful news:


“We had over 250 kids, 120 volunteers and 80 plus kids who accepted Jesus into their lives. the Bible Points for Roar this year felt like they were especially meant for us to hear.  When Life is Unfair, When Life is Scary, When Life Changes, When Life is Sad, When Life is Good… God is Good. So many of us needed that reminder. Not just the kids, but the leaders and parents too. It has been a long 10 months since the storm and we are all still recovering but God has been there for us and provided for our needs. We have also been reminded most of all that the church is not the building but the body of Christ.”


Peace in Scary Times

One of our favorite, less-talked-about parts of VBS is the effect it has on staff. The truths we hear and teach are simple, and yet speak gently and powerfully to our own hearts at VBS. Missy Wells of Rose Hill Baptist Church said that Roar! curriculum was especially meaningful for her and her family. Her husband suffers from an autoimmune disease that made him unable to walk during VBS. God’s goodness through the unfair, scary, changed, sad and good times of life were her anchors through her husband’s illness and his recovery. God was with us through it all. God orders so many things in the time we need them!”
Oslyn Rodriguez & Backpack International were also impacted by the message of their VBS. She said, “He grew our faith by leaps and bounds. We were actually living out the themes of the VBS lessons. When things got a little crazy, scary, sad, unfair, or changed, we were able to still focus on the goodness of God. And our VBS students got a chance to experience that.”

What are your prayers for next year?

Churches, we love to pray for you and with you for your ministries. For the reader, we invite you to join us in praying for these requests sent in by your brothers and sisters in Christ:
  1. Providing ways to learn about God in fun, engaging ways.
  2. Discipleship to kids who attended VBS.
  3. True faith for those who professed salvation at VBS.
  4. Growth for next year’s VBS, including outreach to the communities.
  5. Great curriculums (both published and homegrown) for next year.
With all the rejoicing and prayer requests we have here, there is so much more we could share about VBS 2019. Comment down below what God did at your church this year!
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