VBS 2018 Theme Announcements

The 2018 VBS Themes Have Been Revealed!

Even though VBS season is still in full force for many churches, it’s already time to start planning for 2018! We’ve listed all the latest theme announcements below so you can get a head start in prepping your church for the 2018 theme of your choice.


You can find props and costumes at thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, or at garage sales around town. Now might be a good time to shop Oriental Trading for theme-appropriate giveaways and decorations before they re-purpose previous items for the new themes. Here at Ministry Gear, we’re already thinking about cool 2018 VBS t-shirt designs for your vacation bible school and we’re very excited to reveal them to you very soon.


On this page, you’ll find the latest news and updates from all of the top VBS curriculum publishers. Bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook to get up-to-the-minute info on 2018 VBS themes including tips, hacks, and in-depth reviews coming soon.


Latest 2018 VBS Themes Announced

Group VBS 2018 Themes Announced:

Group’s 2018 Easy VBS

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… Get ready to “survive and thrive’ on a deserted island with Group’s 2018 VBS Theme – “Shipwrecked – Rescued by Jesus.” It’s not hard to guess from the title that your VBS kids will be livin’ like Gilligan on a tropical isle full of fun and adventure. But as the title suggests, life’s hardships demand a rescuer, and Group hopes to show kids the way to the one and only rescuer, Jesus Christ. Group’s Ultimate Starter Kit promises to be easier than ever with the physical kid and the digital edition.

Check out our latest designs that complement the Shipwrecked theme HERE.


Group’s 2018 Holy Land Adventure VBS 

Join the caravan across the desert to Group’s newest Holy Land Adventure VBS, “Babylon – Daniel’s Courage in Captivity” Bucking the flannel graph preconceptions many of us have about the story of Daniel, your VBS kids will go deeper into the story to understand Daniel’s reliance on prayer and his courageous faith. With each new Holy Land Adventure, Group brings the Bible to life with immersive activities and stories that connect with a child’s growing understanding of the world in which they live.


Get ready to chill! Your kids will love this icy-cold 2-day weekend VBS, Polar Blast Where Jesus’ Love is Cool.” In Polar Blast, VBS will help kids encounter the truth of God’s Word while chilling with friends and warming up to Jesus, the coolest friend of all.” Group’s briefer weekend-only Vacation Bible School gives your church the opportunity to invite kids in the community to come and see how fun and friendly church can be.


Explore and pre-order Group’s 2018 VBS themes Shipwrecked, Babylon & Polar Blast HERE. Then bookmark this page and follow us on facebook for the latest & greatest VBS updates! Later this year, we will post reviews of every VBS curriculum to help you choose (if you haven’t made your choice already.)


LifeWay VBS 2018 Theme Announced:

For those who hope to share the Gospel every day of VBS, LifeWay promises their new theme is a daily Gospel proclamation! “Game ON – Gearin’ Up for Life’s Big Game!” Kids will learn that God’s power has given us everything needed for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). This sports themed VBS will get your kids in the spirit as they join God’s team, train hard, celebrate salvation and encourage one another! And, oh yeah, it all comes in an insulated sports cooler bag!!


Check out our latest designs that complement the Game On theme HERE. And while you’re at it, dive into our full review of LifeWay VBS’s Game On curriculum for 2018 HERE.


Get in the spirit with LifeWay’s 2018 VBS theme, Game On and pre-order HERE. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and follow us on facebook for even more updates as VBS 2018 gets closer!



Answers VBS 2018 Theme Announced:

Time stood still when Answers VBS announced their 2018 theme: “Time Lab – Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Present“. It’s a time-traveling adventure this year as your kids will explore some of the most important apologetic truths of the Bible. We cracked up when we saw that one of the days kids will learn the word “Christophany!” That’s so much more than a $20 word. It’s how we can see Jesus’ presence from creation through the cross, today through to the future! Adorable characters take us on a time-machine through the Bible that will teach kids and adults alike more than they ever thought possible in a one week VBS!


Check out our full review of Time Lab VBS HERE!


Tick-tock through the details and pre-purchase Time Lab HERE. Follow us on Facebook and bookmark this page for more info as it’s released.


Orange VBS 2018 Theme Announced:

Orange Leaders broke the silence and announced their 2018 theme early in the morning on May 25th with a livestream video. The set was strewn with hints like skateboards, mountain bikes and helmets as Mike Clear and Amy Fenton announced the new theme as “AMPED – Live Fully Alive!” Based on John 10:10, this extreme sports themed VBS calls kids into the abundant life found in Jesus. Expect lots of cool surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding videos to illustrate the radical freedom found in a life lived to the full. The daily lessons invite students to “live like” some of the great heroes of the faith (Joseph, Esther, Jesus, the Early Church, and Paul).


Check out our latest designs that match the Amped VBS theme HERE. And while you’re at it, dig into our full review of Orange VBS’s Amped curriculum for 2018 HERE.


Bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you up to date with more info as it’s released and a full review of the curriculum once it’s available later this year. Check out the announcement video HERE and pre-purchase Amped – Live Fully Alive! HERE.


CPH VBS 2018 Theme Announced:

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of white water rafting, you know the true definition of a “wild ride!” Nothing compares to the excitement and intensity of crashing down waterfalls and dodging raging rapids. On June 1st, CPH (Concordia Publishing House) VBS announced their Vacation Bible School theme for 2018 a wet and wild ride through “Splash Canyon – God’s Promise on Life’s Wild Ride.” Celebrating the truth of 2 Corinthians 1:20, that all of God’s promises are “yes” in Christ Jesus, your VBS kids will soak up God’s love no matter what rough ride lies ahead. We’ll do a complete review of Splash Canyon later this year to help you choose which VBS curriculum is best for your church. But in the meantime, check out their adrenaline soaked videos and previews HERE.


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Cokesbury’s VBS 2018 Theme Announced:

Is there an echo in this canyon? Cokesbury announced their 2018 VBS theme on June 1 so get ready for the wildest and wettest ride in the wilderness with “Rolling River Rampage – Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God.” Focusing on what you can “find on the river,” we’re reminded of the tree planted by streams of water (Jeremiah 17:8). When the river you’re planted by is God, you find adventure, acceptance, joy, rest, and peace. We won’t know all about the curriculum until we see it, but so far our favorite part is the adorable otter mascot who seems to be leading this river expedition. He’s adorable as a cartoon, but the plush toy version of him found in a photo on the website is cute beyond words. We gotta get one! We’ll do a complete review of Rolling River Rampage once it’s released, so stay tuned to this page… or follow us on Facebook where we’ll announce the latest.


Dive into Cokesbury’s cool videos and previews for Rolling River Rampage HERE.



Bogard Press’s 2018 VBS Theme Announced:

With all the river themes this year, Bogard Press will stand out with their 2018 VBS theme, “Jungle River Adventure – Ride the Current to God’s Perfect Plan.” They announced way back in April, so they definitely win! Bogard has created some pretty adorable characters here as a tree frog, macaw, hippo, crocodile, and giraffe help kids remember to trust, obey, serve, share, and follow God. The artwork of Jungle River Adventure is quite beautiful and detailed, a welcome change from some of the flat and cartoony art of late. We were just talking about the lack of jungle themes these past couple years and now we’re looking forward to designing some adventurous t-shirts hung with vines, criss crossed by rivers, and dark with mystery.


Check out Bogard Press’s 2018 VBS Theme HERE and bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


Abingdon Press’s 2018 VBS Theme Announced:

It’s true that in Christ, we have access to abundant life all day every day. Abingdon Press is taking that message to the kids with “24/7 – Jesus Makes a Way Every Day.” Abingdon is known for creating unique children’s programming focused on the African-American community. With life lessons from real African-American “waymakers,” students will see how God’s Spirit opens doors to abundant living through the forgiveness and love of Jesus. With great music, energetic dances, and some pretty cool crafts, kids will go home knowing that God’s Word provides a firm foundation for everyday life!


Check out Abingdon Press’s 2018 VBS Theme HERE and bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

RBP’s 2018 VBS Theme Announced:

Head on up to the hills for an amazing time at “Camp Moose on the Loose!” RBP will bring the gear (canoes, tents, and fishing poles) for the camping trip of a lifetime as your kids discover “God’s Forever Forgiveness.” With their firm emphasis on the salvation message, Moose on the Loose is guaranteed to focus on the Gospel. Fun songs, puppet scripts, and lots of surprises are in store for your VBS kids as you explore the woods for clues about God’s love and forgiveness available through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.


Check out RBP’s 2018 VBS Theme HERE and bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

2018 VBS Themes Soon To Be Announced

Who will announce next???

We still haven’t heard from Mega Sports Camp or Go Fish but we’ll let you know as soon as we know. Bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook to get the latest news as it happens!


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