Each one of your VBS kids were uniquely made in God’s image to display His power to a world that needs to see Him! Join Gadget & Gizmo as they explore an amazing world of creativity and power in Christ. 


MUSIC: When choosing a VBS, one of the top factors is the music. Get that wrong, and your VBS could fall flat. Orange doesn’t disappoint. Their wild and upbeat songs reflect the pop hits of our time and are sure to get you moving. Still, for our money, the best stuff is not found in the big kids room, but in the preschool. The preschool music choices are a series of 4 songs that declare God’s creative power in making each of us. The acoustic sounds are refreshing, playful, and endearing. In putting together a preschool soundtrack, Orange may have accidentally created the perfectly uplifting soundtrack for a stressful commute.



VIDEOS ON POINT: The videos included in Gadgets & Gizmos take VBS videos to a new level of fun and creativity. The animated skits, while not top-notch animation, look great. The stories and jokes emulate some of the best and funniest cartoon serials on Disney or Nick. The Bible story videos are strong and meaningful, and easy to follow for all ages. The painted glass characters are a simple yet catchy replacement for the flannel graph.


Uniquely Wired, Wonderfully Made!


BIBLE POINT: You’re uniquely wired and wonderfully made – and each day of Gadgets & Gizmos VBS drives that point home for your kids with clever tech related bible points. On Day 1, we learn we were created by God, “No Assembly Required!” Day 2 focuses on faith and trust declaring, “you don’t have to see it to believe it.” Through the story of Nicodemus learning that he must be born again, we’re “rebooted” as we follow Jesus. The story of the Good Samaritan on Day 4 reminds us that we should ask “can I help you?” when we encounter those who need it. At last, on Day 5 we learn that God made us to shine a “Light Bright” so that others can see it and praise God with us.


MISSIONS: It’s difficult for kids in the US to understand the poverty experienced by kids around the world. Gadgets & Gizmos uses simple, everyday objects to teach kids about suffering and how they can show mercy to others at home and abroad. Featuring Feed My Starving Children as the focus for international giving, and promoting giving to local food banks, kids will have an opportunity to care for others far away and close to home.


God made you to shine!


VOLUNTEER SUPPORT: It’s been said, “It takes an army to feed an army.” This is definitely true for feeding an army of VBS kids on a diet of God’s word. The volunteer force that joins with your ministry is crucial in creating a fun, safe, and God exalting environment for your Vacation Bible School. So set them up for success with meaningful prep meetings, equipment, materials and training. Gadgets & Gizmos provides free volunteer resources to get your team up and ready to serve.


PRO-TIP: Empower your volunteers to take the big things off your plate. It’s not easy to do, but as leaders release tasks and objectives to those who are willing to take on the responsibilities that hold you back, you’ll be able to apply yourself to so much more ministry than you ever thought possible. But do it prayerfully. If you’ll let go, God will lead you to the right people who He’s grooming for their own next level of service.



EXTRAS: Orange is making a play for the top VBS publisher spot by including lots of fun and innovative extras in the box or for purchase. Don’t miss the fun each of these will bring to your program:

  • LED Bracelets – These are more than glowing bracelets. These bright bangles flash and change colors in time with the sounds around them. Have kids hold up their hands during music sessions to see them glow in synch!
  • Buttons – Like the Pokemon craze showed, kids love the challenge of collecting. Hand out the cool retro buttons randomly so that kids will have plenty to trade and collect throughout the week.
  • Blueprint Book – God’s plan for your kids is big. And so is this cool take-home. Each day, kids unfold another section of their blueprint book to reveal a new place to take notes and write what they’re learning. At the end of the week, they’ll have a huge poster full of their own handwritten reminders of who God created them to be.

Purchase your copy of Gadgets & Gizmos from Orange HERE.


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