New Video Explains How to Order Great T-Shirts for VBS

Planning VBS is a big job. With so much to do, wouldn’t it be great if you had expert help to make ordering VBS T-shirts easy? At VBS T-shirts, our friendly artists will work together with you to brainstorm and customize artwork just for your church. We have hundreds of designs for inspiration. Start by choosing your favorite design. We’ll add your church name and even change the colors any way you like, add or remove elements, or even combine 2 of your favorite designs. We’ll work with you until it’s just right. There’s no risk. Working with our artists is totally free. Print your customized artwork on the front or the back, or both. In addition to T-shirts, we can make VBS bags, banners, water bottles –… Read more »

VBS Decorated Shirts

How to Turn a VBS T-Shirt into a Work of Art

It's craft time once again for the kids at First Baptist in Alabama. But this time, the kids were not given coloring books or sheets of paper. Instead, Susan, their Sunday school teacher, experimented on an idea that is brilliant in so many levels. Susan called in and requested that we create for them a bunch of white T- shirts with an outline of their VBS design in black and white. She wanted to keep it plain so that the kids can color and decorate their own shirts and bring out their inner Picasso. What a brilliant idea! Pictured on the left is a sample of the white shirts that VBS T-Shirts made for her class. So how did the little ones take on the challenge? Just like a painter… Read more »


Happy 2015

Hello VBS directors and children's ministry directors.  For 2015 we will be bringing you the same creative design options that have been here since 2009.  If you have used us in the past you know how easy it is to get custom T-Shirts for your church with for a summer or winter camp, or the name of the ministry you're involve in, it IS possible to have that on a t-shirt!  And we make it cinchy!  Not only do we have great designs and colors, which you can customize, but we also offer a wide range of apparel that will appeal to everyone at your church from the little kids, moms, teens, and dads and grandparents. In addition to that we have just launched our brand new website in… Read more »

Themes from VBS Past

Here is a walk down memory lane for all you veteran VBS directors out there.  How many of these do you remeber  Here we are attempting to put together a list of as many of the past VBS programs we can remember.  This is just a start, I am still missing the Group programs from the 1990's Can you help us add to the list of past VBS programs? Lifeway VBS Themes 1988: Living for Jesus 1989: Let's Gather for Vacation Bible School 1990: Share Hope 1991: Celebrate Jesus 1992: Fantastic Journey 1993: Summer Shine 1994: Trail of Treasures 1995: Windows on the World 1996: Go For the Gold 1997: Good News Stampede 1998: StarQuest 1999: Mt. Extreme 2000: Ocean Odyssey 2001: Truth Trackers 2002: Amazon Outfitters 2003: The Great Kingdom Caper 2004: Rickshaw Rally 2005: Ramblin Road Trip 2006: Artic Edge 2007: Game Day Central 2008: Outrigger Island 2009: Boomerang Express 2010:… Read more »

Thanks VBS Shirts

My dealings with your VBS T-Shirts for the last two years has been an absolute "10".  To think I found your company purely by accident when my previous tee shirt person did not come through for our Church.  I did a Google search, up popped your website, and the rest as they say is history.  EVERYONE involved in VBS at our Parish including clergy, staff, parents and the kids have marveled at the beautiful shirts we have had for the last two summers.  I even had parents who weren't involved in VBS want a tee for themselves because they loved the designs so much.  You give your customers so much personal attention, willingness to work with original ideas, and the most prompt service I have… Read more »

The VBS T-Shirt Guide

When it comes to T-Shirts for VBS what works good for you? Do you charge for them or give them away when people register? Do they pre-order or do you order a bunch of shirts ahead of time?  What about the leftovers?  Guessing VBS quantities can be tricky especially if this is the first time you have ever ordered shirts.  It would be great if you knew ahead of time how many kids were going to show up, how many staff were going to be needed, who needed a shirt and what size they wore, but this craziness that we call VBS rarely makes it this easy on us. We hope this vbs t-shirt guide will help. Make an educated guess about the total kids and staff you need to outfit..… Read more »

Day or Night VBS

Are you planning a Day or Night VBS this year?  Are you having your VBS during the day or in the evening this year?  There seems to be lots of opinions but it would like to here from you regarding the pros and cons, and why you do VBS in the day or night? Any help and advice you can share would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance! Daytime VBS works best - we tried an evening VBS last year but the kids were exhausted at the end of the day and it was difficult to inspire them. Also, attendance was significantly lower. Mornings seem to work best as children are awake and haven't spent the day working on other activities. Read more »

New 2010 VBS T-Shirt Designs

We're working like crazy on new designs for 2010 vbs T-Shirts.  I have already uploaded some of the High Seas stuff we have been working on and I'm very excited.  Don't worry, I'm not done yet and will be uploading tons of new designs over the next month to six weeks! Read more »

2010 VBS Themes

2010 VBS Themes Group VBS -  High Seas Expedition is a sailing adventure theme, Check out Group's Website LifewayVBS -  Saddle Ridge Ranch is a cowboy theme, Check out the official Lifeway Website Cokesbury VBS - Galactic Blast is a space theme with added "green" earth elements, Check out the officialCokesbury Website Gospel Light - Sonquest Rainforest is a Jungle Theme, check out the official Gospel Light Website Standard Publishing - Hero Headquarters is a bible superhero theme, check out the official David C. Cook - we are still waiting on their 2010 theme....  What's the deal David! Read more »